Here’s to Spring!

19 Feb

All good things must come to an end. That’s why winter break only lasts about a month and it’s the reason that we’re back on campus running back and forth between this semester’s classes. Being back at school isn’t really so bad though. It’s kind of nice to be back in the swing of things after lounging around for so long. And not only that, but jumping into accomplishing some new goals this semester brings a whole new set of thrills.

However, for me, January was all about preparing for this spring semester. Like every new semester, the biggest thing on my mind is being financially prepared to take my new classes in stride. It’s more than just having a few extra dollars in my bank account to get me by. The majority of my break was spent putting in a few hours at my old job to save up for new textbooks, school supplies, groceries, and, if all goes well, maybe even some spending money. Part of this process includes budgeting out whatever saving I manage to put together and then taking the time to find the best deals on whatever new materials I need. Let me tell you, I am now the queen of bargain shopping. The ultimate goal for this semester is definitely to put together a pretty nice savings account. It’s a great way to take a bit more responsibility with spending in case of a future emergency. So far, so good for this semester’s food and school spending. Of course, I also have my parents to thank for chipping in with some much needed groceries.

Even though financial planning can be quite stressful and time consuming, there is another part of preparing for spring semester that is just as important. My sleeping schedule. I got so used to staying up pretty late during break that it was second nature for my body to stay up until 3:00am and to wake up after noon. Of course, this sleeping schedule may not be too much of a problem when I have limited responsibilities (and even then it’s a pretty bummy way to live), but it can really be a pain in the neck to correct before classes begin. That first week of classes took me some getting used to, but up until now it’s like my sleeping schedule has miraculously cooperated with me. I’m pretty stoked to say that I no longer wake up any later than 9:00am which is still a great time to be up and productive by. Another one of my goals this semester is to make sure I get a good night’s rest every night. Keeping a steady, healthy, sleeping schedule can really have a beneficial impact on school and work performance. Let me tell you, it really feels awesome to be awake early enough to seize the day.

Overall, I’m pretty excited to see how this semester plays out. I plan to continue to keep myself busy and on track to better taking care of myself, my goals, and my responsibilities. This spring is all about healthy living and high quality work!

Here’s to a great semester.


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