#FearlessFebruary: CrossFit Edition

20 Feb

For February we were encouraged to do something fearless. I continuously thought about ideas to get out of my comfort zone and I had a hard time with it. Turns out, my best friends have been doing CrossFit for over three months and cannot stop talking about it. I have never been the fitness type and the thought of going inside a big gym gives me anxiety.


My friends have been pressuring me to do CrossFit for months now but I never wanted to give it a try because I felt like it wasn’t for me and I also thought it was very scary. I’ve heard it’s the most intense workout you can do, and the thought of failure really scared me. After months of thinking and procrastinating heading to the gym in order to get a good work out, I decided to join CrossFit.

giphy (1).gif

I am currently two weeks in and I totally love it. It had been some of the hardest but most fun-filled workouts that I have ever done. Not only that, but the environment I am in and the way people greeted me and supported me was really comforting. CrossFit definitely made me come out of my comfort zone and I am glad that it did. I can see myself doing this for a long time and the best part is that I am having fun while doing it.

giphy (2).gif




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