#FearlessFebruary: Meet the Professor

21 Feb

Do you want to know what makes me nervous? It’s not really heights or bugs. It’s not talking to people either. It’s talking to a specific kind of person. Talking to professors has always kind of been a daunting thought to me. Really, it’s not that I’m afraid to ask them a question or approach them with a comment, but the thought of approaching them with the intent of building a student-teacher relationship is a little bit stressful. What do I say? How do you even begin to build a relationship with a busy, professional scholar? So for this February blog, I decided that enough was enough. It’s been known that initiating a good student-teacher relationship with a professor is important and so that’s what I set out to do.

The whole experience was actually a lot less of a big deal than I thought it would be. It just seems like such a big step for me because I know these professors are busy people; I also happen to have a lot of respect for them. I feel a little out of place—intimidated you could say—approaching them.

Anyways, I waited until the end of class to introduce myself. He’s my Criminal Justice Administration professor and his class is one of my favorites so far at the UA. I admire the way he approaches difficult subjects and his brazenness and humor when speaking to the class as a whole. I find that I really admire professors who I feel I can understand in that sense. So that’s exactly what I told him. And then I told him that I would love to work with him if he ever needed someone to help out around his office or in his classrooms. I probably sounded like a fan girl, but I mean he’s a CJA professor… he probably appreciated it and doesn’t hear that too often. At least I hope so. He seemed to welcome my comments and that was that.

The whole encounter may not have been much, but at least I finally approached a professor that I felt deserved it from me. The ultimate goal, other than facing my little intimidation of professors, was to make an impression on him. I wanted him to know that I’m there and that I enjoy his class. Now, lo que sera, sera. We’ll just have to wait and see what comes of it if there was something meant to ever come from it at all.

Make that first move with a professor you admire, let them know you’re there.




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