#FearlessFebruary: Parting With My Hair

22 Feb


Proceed with Caution

For this Fearless February, I decided to do something I haven’t done in a long time. Change my hair.

For some people, this small change is something that is no big deal. But, for me, someone who hasn’t dyed their hair in 8 years, it was a pretty big change.

The first step was to scavenge the entire internet for something suitable to show the stylist. I spent hours and hours all over Pinterest and Instagram before I finally found a couple of options. I had settled between some subtle highlights from some random photo of a girl on Pinterest and an all over red color that one of my favorite Korean actresses, Park Shin Hye, has been supporting lately.

After many, many opinions and countless pros and cons lists, I decided to go with the second picture of some light highlights. I really liked the all over red hair color but with the amount of maintenance and money I would have to put into maintaining my hair,  I decided the second option was best.

The next step was to decide where I would go to get my hair done and with whom. My mother suggested a stylist named Victoria Adams in Phoenix at R Salon, so I made a reservation two weeks in advance and waited for the fateful day.

Two weeks went by so quickly that I almost felt as if I needed to catch my breath. As the days before the appointment started getting closer, I started growing nervous. I know it sounds silly since getting your hair done is something so common, but I really was afraid it wouldn’t turn out how I pictured.

Finally, the day came, and I made a quick trip to Phoenix to meet my stylist Victoria. It was my first time in this particular salon, and also funnily enough one of the first times I had been to an appointment without my mom. As she sat me in the chair I showed her the picture I wanted and asked her how long it would be.

“About 3 and a half hours”

My jaw dropped at the sound of 3 hours! I had no idea it was going to take so much time for some simple highlights. However, as she started the process, I quickly realized she was going to need all the time she had said.

Victoria was super nice, and once I told her I was doing this, partially for myself, but partially for work purposes, she told me to ask her any questions I had. As she began to prep, I knew I was finally parting with my old hair.

The entire process looked something like this.

  1. She separated my hair into 4 parts and began to tease the ends.pic 2.jpg
  2. Then she started to mix the dye in with separate sections of my hair and diffuse the dye with a bit of water to create a nice transition in the highlights. This entire section of the process itself took close to an hour since she took her time deciding where the color would start and end. By the end of this part in the process I had over 40 pieces of foil in my hair protecting the dyed color from my untouched hair that would blend into a mix of colors. pic-3
  3. After sitting for an extra 25 minutes, waiting for the color to absorb, I sat patiently reading a magazine. After the 25 minutes were up she told me that we would be washing and conditioning my hair. After washing out the dye I had to wait another 20 minutes with toner in my hair. This part is where I started to get a bit nervous since she said the highlights looked very orange when they were first dyed, a common occurrence since the cuticles of your hair are being opened up. That is why she applied a purple/blue toner to defuse the orange and yellow tones in my hair.                                                                                   pic-4
  4. After this step came the fun part –  the cutting and styling of my hair. When I first stepped in front of the mirror, I noticed no change in my dark wet hair. I kept quiet since I was unsure if it was just the light in the room or what, but I did think to myself I better see some results since nearly 2 hours had passed. As I sat in the chair, Victoria spun me around and smiled so I was facing the wall. She told me she wasn’t going to let me look at her drying my hair since the color would start to peak out as the moisture from my hair was released. Another painstaking 45 minutes passed as she dried and styled my hair. She knew the tension was building as we approached the three-hour mark, and I just really wanted my hair to be done with at this point. Right before she finished the top layer of my hair, several stylists made their way over to comment how nice my hair looked and how different it looked from before. Finally, after nearly 3 and a half hours I was done! The moment had finally come and this was the result!

Although the results don’t look too different in the picture, I assure you my hair is A Lot lighter now, and even the days after the appointment I noticed my hair lightened a lot as well. I was so nervous about changing my hair, but now that I have I am SO excited and happy with how it came out. Victoria did a fantastic job and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!


In the end, I am so happy with the decision I made to finally change my hair! And although believe me, it was pretty scary, I think making changes in your life is totally worth it!

~ Mandi


Do something that scares you! You might be surprised!


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