#FearlessFebruary: Early Spring Cleaning

23 Feb

If you’re anything like me, you keep things way too long and have a hard time ever getting rid of anything. This is especially true with clothes. I constantly buy new clothes (I’m a chronic sale/thrift shopper), but I never can seem to bring myself to get rid of any old ones. I always think “Oh, I’m sure I’ll wear this again” or “what if I need this for some future event/costume/whatever else”. Things that I don’t even like anymore just sit in my closet because they still fit and are in good condition and I always hold onto the thought that someday I’ll wear them again, even though I know that I won’t. So for Fearless February, I decided to tackle my fear of giving things up and clean out my wardrobe.

I decided that instead of setting “ground rules”, like giving up things I hadn’t worn in a certain amount of time, that I would first start off by giving up things that I didn’t actually like that much anymore. This was really hard because I kept thinking “what if I’ll like this again someday”. I especially struggled in parting with things that still fit. It seemed silly to give up a perfectly good piece of clothing like that. It took a lot of willpower and convincing myself that no, I wouldn’t actually wear that ever again, to part with a lot of the older items in my closet.

The next items I tackled were things that didn’t fit me very well, be it too big, small, or just wrong for my body. Let me tell you, I have a very loose definition of the word “fit”. To me, I tend to define it as anything that will physically zip, button, or otherwise make its way on my body, regardless of if it is on properly or comfortably. So I really had to make decisions on what I felt was actually comfortable and looked good as opposed to what I could actually force on. This may not seem like a big deal, but let me tell you, I am a master at convincing myself that I need something or that it fits, even if I clearly don’t need it or it doesn’t fit at all.

In the end, I was able to part with quite a few things that I definitely did not need (and probably should have gotten rid of a long time ago). As much as I hate getting rid of stuff, it actually felt good to have more room in my closet and part with some stuff that I knew I didn’t actually want anymore. I plan on taking all my stuff to consignment stores first to see what I can trade or sell, and then just take the rest to Goodwill or some other clothing donation place. If you’re thinking about cleaning your closet, I’d say just do it. You won’t regret getting rid of things you don’t need and you’ll thank yourself later for the extra closet space.



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