#FearlessFebruary: Facing Haunting Foods

24 Feb

There are two types of foods I have been terrified to try since I was a kid: olives and cherries. For more than 10 years I have not tried these two foods again. Something about the taste and texture of olives I just find unappetizing. But, I decided it has been long enough that I give them a second chance to see if my taste buds have changed. It is time to face my fears. Welp, here’s what happened!

The contenders


First up, olives…


YUCCKKKK… I still do not like olives. To be completely honest, I had to spit it out. But, hey I still gave it a shot!

Let’s hope cherries have a better result!


Well, cherries definitely taste better to me than I remember. Although I am still not crazy about them, I will eat them if they are offered!

Overall, trying olives and cherries terrified me. It was not trying new foods that was my fear. My fear was trying foods that I remember being gross to me as a child. But, I am glad I faced my fears and I tried them again. I found out I actually like cherries! Now, I can have cherry pie, cherry cake, cherries with cherries! Olives, on the other hand, I am still not a fan. Maybe I’ll give them another chance in another 10 years. There are still a lot more foods that I refuse to try, I’ll have to blog about that next time!



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