Master Success With a Master Schedule

26 Feb

Each semester is always a beast. You have multiple classes, study sessions, meeting up with friends and extracurricular activities to fit into your busy schedule. Taking all these factors into consideration, becoming overwhelmed is almost inevitable. However, there is something that can ease the stress of the semester: a master schedule !


There are many ways to go about creating a master schedule (e.i: google calendar, phone calendars, websites), but I like to kick it old school with good ol’ pens and paper.


A good place to start your master schedule is to print off your class schedule directly from UAccess. This saves you the time you would spend formatting the actual schedule. Next, write in all your extra curricular activities or work hours that are consistent from week to week. Make sure you write the start and end times for each activity to avoid confusion. Lastly, take the time to color code all of the activities listed in your schedule. Not only does this help to organize the information, but it is also pleasing to the eye and fun!


While the process listed above is useful, this is not the only successful method for creating a master schedule; You have to decide what works best for you. So get crackin’ on those schedules ! Good luck Wildcats !




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