#FearlessFebruary: Practicing Self-Love

28 Feb

Image result for pool party

In a society where being thin means you’re beautiful, it is often difficult to feel confident in your own skin; especially if your own physical attributes differ. This is much how I felt last weekend when I was asked to attend a pool party.

Although I have been a lifeguard for the last five summers, I still get self-conscious sometimes. While I was nervous of being judged for my extra “body baggage” I was also determined to attend the pool party and enjoy myself. In spite of my fears, I put on my two piece, shorts, flip-flops, and towel and headed straight for the pool.

When I finally arrived at the party, I realized that all my fears about being publicly criticized were irrational. In fact, I probably received more gratification for my appearance than anything!  Regardless of what I perceived people’s thoughts of me to be, I made it a point to just enjoy being young and having fun.

In the end, I realized that I do not need to be so self-conscious about how I look all the time. Generally, people are not too much concerned with the appearance of others rather than enjoying themselves. The truth is that everyone should be able to have fun and feel comfortable in their own skin. Yes, this is difficult to do considering the kind of society we live in, but it gets easier if you work on loving yourself more day by day.




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