10 Ways you Know You’re in the Right Major

5 Mar


In the first four weeks of my first semester of college, I knew I hated my major. I had a list a mile long of all the reasons I didn’t want to stay in it, so I changed majors from engineering to business. And while I didn’t hate my new major, I knew I couldn’t see myself having a life-long career that I enjoyed if I pursued business. So the summer before my sophomore year, I switched to animal sciences: science and preprofessional emphasis in the pursuit of becoming a vet.

It’s pretty easy to tell when you don’t like what you’re studying, but sometimes it’s hard to know if it’s right. So here’s the 10 ways that I knew I was in the right major that are probably a pretty good indicator that you’re in the right major too.

  1. I got excited when I talked about what I wanted to do after school. Going to work in the future didn’t seem like it would be work, but instead something that I enjoyed.
  2. I didn’t mind taking the hard or boring classes like chemistry and biology that I had hated before because I knew they were going towards something that I wanted to do.
  3. I was eager to get internships and volunteer in my field. In my previous major, I dreaded the thought of having to take on internships or research, but now I was actively seeking them out.
  4. Future classes that I had to take in my major seemed really fun and I couldn’t wait to sign up for them.
  5. I made long term goals that I wanted to accomplish after college like vet school and a career at a zoo, rather than having no idea what I wanted to actually do after graduation.
  6. I wasn’t scared of professional school after graduation. Even though I know how competitive vet school is even harder once you’re there, I was eager for the challenge.
  7. I applied the things I was learning in core classes, or even gen eds, to my major, rather than just learning the concepts to pass the class.
  8. I was passionate about what I was learning. I don’t know how many animal facts that I learned in class I made my family and friends listen to, but I know that it was a lot.
  9. I felt like I was clicking with my professors. Before, they were just teachers that I had to listen to, but had no desire to make any sort of professional relationship with outside of class. Now, I was interested in my professors’ research and in getting to work with them.
  10. I was (and am) happy. I felt confident about my future, I liked my classes (even the hard ones), and I was excited to see where I would go in my career.

If any of these sounds like what you’re feeling, chances are that you’re on a pretty good track for your future. I love my major and am currently interning at a ranch with plans to intern at a clinic next year. I love helping animals who can’t help themselves and knowing that I’m making such a big difference, even if I’m only doing something small. I hope you love your major as much as I do, but if not, it’s never too late to change to find something that you really are happy doing! I changed twice and I’m so glad that I did because it led me to a path that I’m really happy with and excited about. Remember, this is your life, so make the best of it by doing something you love!


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