How I Stay Motivated Throughout the Semester

5 Mar

From experience, I can testify that the middle of the  Spring semester is the toughest part of the year. Assignments begin to pile, midterms are approaching, and the thought of spring break being near just seems to make time go by so much slower. What helps me get through this dreadful time of the year is the thought of having another academic successful semester. Here are 3 tips to keep in mind when you’re feeling unmotivated in the middle of the academic year.

  1. Spring Break is near!!!

    As I mentioned before, when Spring Break is approaching it tends to feel as if time is going by slower than ever. This is actually a great thing. It is important to utilize this time of the year to live in the moment and make sure that you’re on top of everything. Working hard now will make your Spring Break feel so much better. So why not work hard now and relax during your week off?

  2.  Focus on the bigger picture 🙂

    As assignments and midterms begin to pile up it is common for us students to get stressed, overwhelmed, and discouraged. What helps me overcome all of these emotions is focusing on the bigger picture. One thing I always tell myself when I’m stressed out over classes is that “It’ll all be worth it in the long run”. Whether your goal is to increase your GPA or just do well in an extremely hard class, it is important to stay focus during this time of the year.

  3. Relax

    One of the most important things to keep in mind during this time of the year is to take time out of your day to relax. As a student, I totally understand how stressful classes are this time of the year, with that being said, sometimes you have to take some time away from the books so you don’t burn yourself out. Too much stress can be fatal for your health. With that being said, go out and catch a movie or go bowling with friends.

Alright y’all I hope my tips bring a little relief to your semester or sparks ideas of your own to make this time of the year as stress free as possible.

Until next time,

Darius Amos



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