Out with the Old

5 Mar


There’s no time like the spring time to reflect on past experiences. When this spring semester came around, I began thinking about all the positive experiences I had from 2016. Academically speaking, I had my best semester of college during the Fall 2016 semester. My transition to a university from high school wasn’t the easiest, so finally having a semester I was proud of was the highlight of my year. In 2017 I want to continue on this path of high academic motivation.


I definitely also experienced some challenges that I can learn from. The hardest challenge I faced was losing one of my scholarships due to not meeting one of the requirements in the Spring 2016 Semester. That was the lowest point, academically, I have ever been. I was completely devastated, and that’s why I was extremely motivated to do well in the fall semester. One of my goals for this year is to not repeat mistakes I’ve already made. It was easy to see why I lost my scholarship, so I now know how to keep myself accountable if I start slipping into old habits. Spring cleaning is all about getting a fresh start. Even though our spring semester has already begun, there’s still time to have a fresh start with healthy habits.


I believe that making mistakes is okay, as long as you learn from them. Unfortunately, it did take me losing a scholarship to get serious about my priorities. If you take any advice form this blog let it be this: Having to learn lessons is a part of life, but don’t make that lesson be permanent. Luckily for me I was only considered on probation for my scholarship (not academic probation) so I was able to get it back. School is above all else, I know that now. I’m determined to correct that error. I want to prove to myself that I am the driven, hard working person I know I am. I have a fresh, positive, motivated attitude. I am ready for whatever this semester has left in store for me.


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