Aloha, Spring Break

8 Mar


Spring is undoubtedly my favorite time of year. I feel like March is the perfect month for several reasons:

1. It’s my birthday month! March 13th! #SpringBabies

download.jpg2. Perfect weather. #NotTooHotNotTooCold


3. Aloha Festival. #Hawaiian


4. Plants starting to bloom. #Buds

download (1).jpg

5. A whole week off. #Break


6. Longer days. #MorningPerson


Since March holds a week off for us college students, there’s a lot to be excited for. Luckily for me, my birthday is always during Spring Break and so is the Aloha Festival. It’s my family’s tradition to go to the Aloha Festival to celebrate my birthday. It’s my absolute favorite way to celebrate. My mom was born and raised in Hawaii, which means I am Native Hawaiian. We love going to the festival to celebrate our culture. There are dance and song performances as well as the FOOD. I love Hawaiian food and this is the one time of year when we actually get quality food.

kalua pig plate cu.jpg

This is Kalua Pig, my favorite Hawaiian Food

My parents and friends will always get me birthday presents at the Aloha Festival. I love the “Hawaiian Flower” (which is a hibiscus). I like getting earrings or necklaces of this flower. It reminds me of my culture and beautiful Hawaii. Spring is the perfect time of year to think about these colorful flowers. It always puts me in a happy mood.


Whether your family has a special tradition or not. Spring time is always a good time to go on adventures. There are so many cultural, food, and music festivals going on. Be courageous and try experiencing something new! Happy Spring time everyone!


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