Finding the Unfamiliar in the Familiar

8 Mar

Staying in your home city for spring break? Feeling a little fear of missing out when you hear that your friends are going to cool places and you are “just going to stay home”? First of all, please stop feeling that FOMO because I have firsthand experienced it, but I still had so much fun. It’s still completely possible to make some exciting memories while also realizing that there is more than you could think of to do!

How I spent my spring break last year was really fun and it was in my hometown. I’m from the Phoenix area, but I never realized everything that goes on during the break. As you know, Phoenix is also known as the Valley of the Sun and it did not fail to live up to its name last year. It got pretty warm so my friends and I thought it would be fun to have a kickback in her backyard with a few other friends while we lounged around the pool. You don’t need to go to a cool place to have fun. Having my friends and blasting music while just catching up is an amazing time!


The great thing about March is although temperatures in the daytime can be horrifying, the temperatures early in the morning are not bad at all! Something I highly recommend is checking out some trails in an area you’ve never been to before. I forced my friend up early in the morning and we took a quick drive to Sedona and hiked a random trail in Slide Rock. It was so relaxing and the weather was nice up there and it was nice to just relax in nature. You don’t have to drive an hour and a half though to enjoy some cool views. Just hiking to a high place and watching the sunrise could be a great time while making memories and taking cool pictures as well.


Spring break also happens to fall in a time when cool things just happen around the town. There are St. Patrick’s Day celebrations going on downtown and different festivals happen too. Spring training games are a big thing in Phoenix and although baseball doesn’t peak my highest interest, it’s still a fun experience and I would recommend seeing if your hometown has anything like that going on as well! There are some cool movies coming out too. This could also be a great time to check out some random hole-in-the-wall places that you could tell all your friends to check out when they have a chance.


The whole point of this was to emphasize that there is a lot that can be done in your hometown for spring break. You don’t have to go somewhere cool to be able to have a good time and make amazing memories. Spring break is a time to hang out with friends and family and give yourself a break from school. Relax and enjoy the time off and come back with the mindset ready to end the semester successfully!


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