Spring Break Creative Challenge!

10 Mar

I find that one of the best way to relax from anything is to do something creative to take your mind off of stress. Whether the stress is from school, family, or friends, it’s nice to take your mind off of things in a creative way especially though Spring Break. I have been trying to do my own creative challenge since the start of the year and am trying to continue it until the end. I have gotten inspiration from challenges that I have seen online as well as incorporated different medias than sticking to just one. I have listed a few that I have done and am currently still doing. I have also provided pictures of what I have created! Hopefully, as you read this, you will get inspired from the activities that I have done and will create your own to destress from your life!

1. Make a fort out of anything you have in your house
I did this with my boyfriend over the break. We got out a bunch of pillows and blanket and suspended them to make a little enclosure to camp out in!


2. Make a portrait only using black and white paint
This was based on a photograph of Ellie Goulding and was one of the first portraits I tried to do.


3. Make something out of play-doh
This was when I was babysitting over the break. The little girl I was watching and I made a bunch of little animals out of play-doh and played with them.


4. Find something creative in an everyday object
I found a smiley face in my Oreo!! 🙂


5. Use oil pastels to create a flower scene
This took a little bit of time to make but I just picked a few different flowers that were a lot different from one another and played with blending colors together.


6. Make a painting that is not completely flat.
I stained the paper with tea, let it dry, and then laid joint compound on the paper. I made up a texture on the cups on the right with a pallet knife, let it dry again, and then painted with acrylic paint.


7. Make a theme song for something or someone.
When I did this one, it was for my pet turtle. Imagine if they had a show about them, give them superpowers, whatever you can think of, and make lyrics about them (in mine, my pet turtle was an investigator). Then, make up a tune or sing in the tune of a song that is already out there and try to put them together. Sometimes it takes a few times to make it work, but in the process, I promise you will have some fun and it will make you laugh!

Some of these activities as you can see, range between the effort and time spent on each depending on what I had going on for the day or the week. Make a challenge that fits into your lifestyle; don’t try to make something every day if you are not able to actually do it. Good luck with your challenge if you decide to make one, it’s a lot of fun!



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