You Got This

26 Mar

I know that the middle of the semester is tough. We are going through this together, I promise! To help you stay motivated, here are a couple of tips to help you reach the end of the semester.

Make a schedule

This is perhaps one of the most essential parts of any successful plan in general, and that can be said for trying to stay motivated this semester! To help you overcome feelings of being overwhelmed by your classes and assignment make a list of upcoming events and projects to help you stay organized.


Calculate your grades

I know this sounds scary, and trust me breezing through the semester with unknown grades is something we all do, but to avoid all those upcoming frustrations about grades, really consider calculating your grades now. That way you have time to prepare accordingly or talk to teachers about a game plan. Keep on top of these things to help yourself out at the end

200w_d (1)

Create a goal sheet

Whether it be a picture of some words you wrote down, an actual list of numbers and stats, or just a simple scribble on a napkin, get your thoughts onto something physical. Set yourself up for success by maintaining a sense of realistic goals you want to reach by the end of the semester.

200w_d (3).gif

Remember why it matters

I think often in college we get really excited, confused, or even curious about what our path is going to look like. In the beginning of every semester, things feel fresh and different, so it is easy to stay focused. Around this time, though, many of those emotions vanish in the array of unmotivated and frustrated feelings, and it is easy to lose sight of what matters. Try to take the time to remember why you are doing this, and why you care. Reorganizing what really matters and trying to remember it all can sometimes be all it takes to get your motivation back!

200w_d (2).gif

You are soooo close

The last tip is to remember: You made it this far! You are sooo close to the end of the year! Keep a calendar and start counting down the days till summer!

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