Being a Peer Mentor

31 Mar

Hi, my name is Amna Mazhar, and I am a peer mentor for the department of Academic Success and Achievement. Here is a little about myself: This is my second year at the University of Arizona, and I’m an MIS Major in the Eller College of Management. This was the first year that I have paired being in college and working at the same time. Just to start, I want to say that I love being a peer mentor. I have learned a lot this year, and I want to say a little bit about how rewarding this experience has been for me and could be for you!

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Being a peer mentor has taught me a lot. Not only do I feel more comfortable speaking with people I don’t know – we call about 50 first-year students each month – but I also find myself feeling more capable. There is a multitude of resources that our campus offers, and one thing that I always like to bear in mind is that first-year students don’t typically know about them. The knowledge and experience that we hold and offer students can immediately impact their daily life.

To give you more of an idea of what this job holds, I’ve listed out some of our routine tasks and responsibilities:

  • Working with a partner on specific features of our weekly newsletter (from formatting to contributing content)
  • Writing blogs on a regular basis regarding information that would be useful to new students on campus
  • Connecting with roughly 50 students monthly, on the phone or in person, to relay important information and touch base on how they are doing.
  • Keeping detailed documentation, written and online, of interactions with students
  • Updating first-year students about a number of campus resources, dates, and deadlines they should be aware of via social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Organizing and administering, with the help of the team, monthly events for first-year students to involve them with campus

This might seem like a lot, but that is another great thing about this job. It has made me so much better at time management. Learning how to balance my school and homework schedule with my work schedule has really taught me how important it is to use time wisely. I find that I am more efficient and effective at any given task at hand.

Another great thing about this job, fundamentally, is being able to make connections with students. Sometimes all a student needs to hear is that someone is looking out for them and genuinely cares about how their day is going. We are here to help and facilitate the sometimes overwhelming transition into college life! If I haven’t expressed this clearly enough, this is an extremely rewarding job. If you like helping others and being creative, this is a great job for you, and I would encourage you to apply!


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