Spring Fling: It’s the Best Time of the Year

2 Apr

In high school I went to several U of A info sessions, and every time they would talk about Spring Fling as the largest student-run carnival in the country. While that wasn’t a factor into my decision, they definitely put it on my radar. I lived in the Residence Halls my freshman year and had a solid group of friends through Hall Council. When Spring Fling finally came we decided to go as a group. Since there wasn’t a time that worked for everyone, I ended up going twice. It’s now become my favorite part of the school year, because it means summer is almost here! Here’s what I’ve learned from going to Spring Fling the past two years.

The first thing is to get in line to get tickets or wristbands. Freshman year, I only got tickets. I wasn’t sure how many of the rides I would want to go on, so I thought it made more sense. I wished that I had gotten a wristband, because a lot of the rides that I wanted to go on cost about 8-13 tickets. Sophomore year, I got a wristband both times that I went, and it was definitely worth it. There were several rides that I went on multiple times because it was just that much fun. I felt like I got a lot more out of my experience that way. I still bought a few tickets so that I could get food from the club booths.

I’ve always enjoyed the adrenaline rush from going on rides at theme parks. Spring Fling is no different. As someone that likes to be in control as much as possible, it’s fun to just give in and let go for a few hours. Of course this means that while I’m in line for a ride, I start to get really freaked out and almost change my mind. I’ve learned to take my time and have breaks periodically after really intense rides to help my body keep up with the day. Self care is always important, even at carnivals!


Come prepared! Wear shoes that will stay on during intense rides or can easily be taken off. I’ve seen a lot of flip flops go flying. Bring a bag to keep your items safe while you’re on the ride. I can’t tell you how many cell phones have gone flying out of hands and pockets and get shattered screens.


This is a pretty accurate description of what I look like the entire time.

Some of the “kiddie” rides were a lot more intense than I was expecting. A few of the rides are more like an obstacle course or house of mirrors, and I’m not the most physically active person. So I end up struggling for a while as small children go by, and it’s a little embarrassing. At the end of the day I get a good laugh out of it, so I still do one or two.


Typically, I get food well before getting to the event and again at the very end. It’s a lot of fun getting to try foods from around the world through cultural clubs as well as typical fair food from others. This is a major fundraiser for many student organizations, so it goes to a good cause.


The best part about Spring Fling is that you can customize your experience. If you just want to play the booth games and get food, you can. It doesn’t have to break the bank!



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