#MiddlingMarch: Cures for Homesickness

3 Apr

As we head towards the most dreaded part of the semester it is easy to want to give up and miss home the most. I know that when I get the semester blues I start missing my mom more than usual. There is nothing wrong with missing home or feeling blue as long as you don’t let it get in the way of your school work. Here are some things I like to do to get a little taste of home until my next visit.


Calling your parents when you are missing them is a great way to deal with the anxiety of wanting to go home. That usually works for me, but when it is not enough, I need something more physical. My mom happens to make the best chicken enchiladas so when I am really missing home I give her a call and ask for a yummy recipe. This not only gives me an excuse to give her a call but I also get to eat delicious food. Eating meals that I would normally eat at home makes me feel like I am there and it can really help you mediate through the semester blues.


Another thing that I like to do to feel like I am home is to listen to music. Music always makes me feel better and is always a form of escape from school. When I am missing home, I like to listen to the type of music my family would play on a road trip. For me, this includes Spanish Rock music from the 80’s but for you, it can be anything else! The great thing about this is that there can always be something to make you feel better. The semester blues are only temporary and you can tackle them with a little positivity, after all, you are halfway done with the semester!




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