#MiddlingMarch: Relaxation

3 Apr

Hello! If you are reading this then we are officially half way through the semester and that much closer to the end of the semester. But back to why I’m here, which was to say the theme of this month’s blog. The mentors this month were asked to write about how we were getting over the mid-semester blues. Normally being able to go home and see my family and friends is an amazing time and I thought I was going to do that. However I wanted to travel more this year and when my friend offered me the opportunity to go to Rocky Point with her and her friends, I couldn’t resist! I’ve discovered traveling and putting my focus on things other than academics really helps me clear up and remove any fog I have from tackling as much of the semester that I have.


If you are new to reading my blogs, then you might not know that I went to Peru over winter break. It was my first time ever in a country where I wasn’t fluent in the local language and it was such an amazing time. I got to see so many things I can’t see here in Arizona and I realized how much being in a place that I’m not familiar with relaxes me. It made me be more aware of my surroundings less on my phone (it sounds like I’m addicted to my phone but I swear it’s not that bad!)


What I’m most excited for is actually being able to do something fun and different this spring break. Normally I stay in my home city for spring break, which is a fine thing because there is so much to with my friends back home. However this time I get to be in a place I’ve never gone to before and be on the beach which are two things that can make my mood go from a 0 to a 10.


Honestly, the main thing I am excited about is to just focus my mind on other things than school and academics. I know it can be hard at times to remember that there are other things than homework that we could do so it can be tough to give yourself a break. I know I sometimes neglect this fact and it can be overwhelming at times. Just remember that it is OK to have fun and relax and give yourself a break! I hope your spring break was a very mellow one filled with nothing but zen and good times! Relax and come back strong Wildcats!


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