#MiddlingMarch: We All Need Someone to Lean On

3 Apr

We are officially in the thick of the second semester as you all can probably tell. I’m sure, like me, you all are just trying to keep your heads up with all these midterms. Please know, that you will make it! Even though it’s hard now, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. During my Freshman year, I made a fatal flaw that I want you all to avoid. I became so wrapped up in my studies and exams that I completely caved inward. I kept all my problems, worries, and stresses to myself.

I didn’t look too cute when I finally couldn’t cope. Everyone, seriously everyone, in my opinion, needs someone to lean on. So whether it be a family member or a close friend, talk to someone if you feel really stressed. Honestly, talk to someone before it even gets to that point.

So the first step is finding someone that is willing to listen. For me, that is my mom. I cannot believe that there was a point in time that I thought that it was excessive she wanted me to call her daily. She wants to make sure I’m doing well! Freshman year I would just give her cursory answers: “yeah, I’m fine,” “oh yeah, I sleep enough,” “don’t worry.” I’m sure you are all familiar. I urge you now, though: Confide! Take advantage. If someone, maybe not your mom, is willing to listen and care, talk to them. Sometimes sharing your burden with someone else lifts the weight off your chest, even if just a little.

Caro Martini support positive good vibes you can do it

Make sure that you can be there for them too. Ask them how they are doing. Talk to a friend, tell them what your day looks like, ask them how their day looks, meet them in the library, knock out some assignments together, grab Starbucks. I promise, I promise, I promise you will feel better knowing you’re not alone in this.

So good luck, Wildcats! Don’t let the midterms weigh you down too much and reach out to your loved ones. They want to know how you’re doing.

-Amna 🙂



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