Spring Rush!

3 Apr

The return from spring break can be a difficult hurdle to get over. I mean seriously, a week off from school and then just when it starts to feel nice you get tossed right back into the lion’s den. Up for 8ams and back to cramming for exams it is… But with the return to class come even more fun times and on the other hand, more responsibilities to take care of before the year comes to close.

First on any student’s to-do list should be finding ways to get pumped up to finish the semester with a bang. Contrary to popular parent belief, spring break does not actually get students excited to come back to class. It gets us excited for school to be over—and can you blame us? Sunshine and sandy beaches can be quite the tease! So, it’s right around this time that most students are dragging themselves out of bed before noon and trying to get their blood flowing. Hiking, working out, and whatever other activities one can come up with do to with a friend are a few great ways to keep the mind and body occupied. A nice activity to break up the routine of books and exams can be super beneficial to academic production and quality.

One awesome way to take a step away from the books is to check out the upcoming Spring Fling. Campus is definitely more alive during this time of year. We even get to have a fun little carnival down on the UA mall; it’s always a great time for students, families, and the local Tucson community. If families are planning a visit anytime during this semester, April 7-9 is the perfect time to drop by.

And lastly, with the upcoming summer comes registration! For those who are planning on taking classes over the summer, registration has been open since March 20th. For students enrolling for fall classes, registration should be opening up in the upcoming weeks. Make sure to have students on the lookout for their assigned dates so that they can get the best options available! If students aren’t sure where to start, they can always go talk to an advisor to get some advice on what courses to sign up for next.

These next few weeks will be full of busy, busy, busy!



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