Spring Cleaning

4 Apr


The middle of the semester always seems to go exhaustively slow. Having Spring Break be added in there doesn’t offer much help because it can be distracting. In order to overcome this lull, I clean. I know this doesn’t sound too fun, but it works. Spring cleaning my apartment (dorm room last semester) always puts me in a good mood. When my home is clean, I feel like other things in my life can take precedence. It’s clearing up space in my mind for other aspects of my life to take up more room.


When my apartment is clean I have more time to focus on my academics and other things like playing tennis and eating healthy. It’s also very motivating! After I get done cleaning, I get motivate to “clean” other parts of my life. I sit down plan out the rest of semester. This allows me to review what I have left in store for the semester. I also plan time to be active and spend time outdoors.


There’s nothing wrong with getting into a funk in the middle of a semester. A problem arises when you don’t do anything to get out of this funk. To get out of my funk I clean. Finding motivation keeps us going to power through the semester. Let’s all finish strong and have another successful semester.



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