Keep Pushing!

7 Apr

We finally made it to April, people! March seemed endless for sure, but we aren’t quite through with the school year yet. I know how hard it can be to stay motivated at this point in the semester. It seems like professors pile midterms and papers on at the same time, on the same day, in the same second (do they meet together and do this intentionally? probably not, but feels like it!). But to make it clear, it sometimes feels like at this point you’re just getting trampled with the load.

Cheezburger sports fail running ouch GIF

I’m here to tell you though, keep pushing! Whatever your dreams or aspirations are, hard work and dedication pay off in the end, and I really believe that. Now, I can understand if you don’t necessarily buy my word on that- as I, too, am just a mere college student- however, here are some really smart people saying stuff to the same effect:

Image result for importance of perseverance quotes

Image result for importance of hard work quotes

Image result for importance of hard work quotes

Disclaimer: I don’t really know who said the last one, but it’s a pretty background, right?

So whatever it is that motivates you: money, family, glory (or all of the above), keep going. You might not think that the Spanish quiz on Tuesday has any impact on your life overall, but study for it! Do great on it. Then, do the next thing on your list. And keep going. I really believe that our work ethic now will determine where we will land in the future.

Nike running nike marathon thirsty GIF

So, grab a bottle of water (or a Starbucks coffee) and get back on the track (or back in the library). Keep grinding and pushing. Hopefully, you’ll look like this guy up there^^.

Or… if you’re like me, you might look like this—->

 tv reactions running free run GIF

Whatever it takes though and however hard it is now, it’s going to be worth it! So good luck, Wildcats. Finish this semester off strong!

-Amna 🙂


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