#AdventurousApril: New Food

12 Apr

I’m a pretty picky eater, so I don’t really like trying new foods. Being a college student, I especially don’t like spending money to try new foods, so I typically just stick to the type of food and restaurants that I’m used to and know that I like. However, over spring break, a good friend of mine had me try Thai food and I ended up loving it. This really made me interested in trying other new types of food that I never would have before. One that my friend suggested was Indian food. So for my Adventurous April, I decided to try a local Indian food restaurant.

When I got to the restaurant, I was a little unsure of the menu. I had no idea what a lot of the dishes were and there were no pictures so I really had no idea what to order. I really like to ask people that work at restaurants what their favorite dishes are (considering they’ve probably tried most of the options on the menu) so I asked my server and ordered tikki masala (mild because I’m a wimp when it comes to spice) and naan with cheese. My friend ordered the same thing (except medium spice). When our food came out, I can basically describe the dish as chicken in a lot of red-ish curry or sauce (sorry I forgot to take a picture because I was really hungry, so the following picture is just similar to what it looked like).


After tasting the food, I really liked it. It was very flavorful, not too spicy, and all around just really tasty. The naan bread was delicious (I mean bread with cheese, how can you go wrong?), especially in the curry/sauce. I’m glad I got it mild, because there was a minimal amount of spice so I was really able to focus on the flavor of the food. As far as taste goes, I’d give the whole meal an 9/10.

As for the whole experience in general, the one thing that kind of disappointed me was the quantity of food that I got for the price that I paid. The food wasn’t necessarily expensive, but the main dish was just the chicken and sauce. The naan was a few dollars extra and if I wanted any rice, that was extra too. I’m definitely a bang for your buck kind of shopper, so I was a little disappointed that I spent almost $15 with tip and didn’t have any leftovers. Not only that, I wasn’t even super full. I wasn’t still really hungry, but I definitely wasn’t full from the meal either. This could have been just that specific restaurant I tried, but the quantity of food for the price left me wanting more.

Overall, I enjoyed my experience trying Indian food. I’m glad that I did and would be open to trying different Indian restaurants in the future. It’s also continued to open my eyes to try even more new types of food as well. I would definitely recommend that if you’re a picky eater like me, take a step out of your comfort zone and try a new type of food or even just a new dish at a favorite restaurant. I would recommend asking people that work at the restaurant what they like, friends who have been to the restaurant or tried the food, or consulting Yelp or another review site for their recommendations. Happy eating!


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