Adventurous April

13 Apr

Hey everybody! It’s a new month and ASA was given another challenge to tackle! This month we had to do something adventurous, so I decided to go to Spring Fling and ride some rides because height has become a fear of mine as I have gotten old. But here is the thing. I like to do wild things, but when it comes actually doing the task, I will chicken out really quickly. I remember I decided to zip line one time and the guy working the zip line had to talk me into walking off the ledge because I was terrified. Anyways, if you want to find out how my first time going to Spring Fling was, please keep reading!


This is my second year at the UA but it was my first time going to Spring Fling and I was really excited. I haven’t ridden a carnival ride in years and I was getting really pumped to go! I went with my roommate and her friend and they were trying to get me to realize that the rides are not as happy and fun as the Ferris Wheel because for some reason that was the only image I had in my mind. Unfortunately, because of the long lines for everything, I was only able to go on three rides. Even though I was not able to experience all of the rides, I was able to realize the fear my roommate was trying to instill in me because the rides I was forced to go on were terrifying. I was only able to snap a picture of one ride from below it because things were hectic that night, but I will try to describe everything I went through.


I don’t know the name of the ride above but I can tell you it was the most scared I’ve ever been for anything in awhile. We went on Alien Abduction first to ease into the night and I thought I was going to be fine after that. But when we got closer and closer to the front of the line and I became tachycardic guys. My heart was pounding through my chest and I was sweating and I was regretting going on this ride. But we waited an hour in line so it was too late to back out. I can say though that I was really happy I did it because it was so much fun! The adrenaline rush helped me get through all the flips, twists and upside down moments that ride produced. I got off feeling dizzy but I was ready to take on anything!

I saw a couple of other friends who were in line for a green ride in the back that was kind of similar to the above ride expect it was faster, more twists and upside down moments and it was just scarier. This ride I really was not willing to go on because I was actually scared and I was full of fair food and I did not think things were going to go my way that night. We were actually the last group to go on the ride and they let us go through the ride twice and it was a lot of fun! I was just happy that I was able to hang out and do something fun with my friends while also bonding with them over terrifying carnival rides.

All in all, make sure to give yourself some time for fun as we head into finals season! It makes studying and life a lot more enjoyable overall!



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