Prep for Success!

16 Apr

Hey guys! We’re a little into the semester now, and I just wanted to share some things that I do at the beginning of the year to give myself a strong start to the semester. If you feel like what you’re doing might not be working for you, check out some of the things I do to keep moving forward and on track!

You’re probably wondering how I’ve never  lost my mind this semester over all the different deadlines. One good thing is that now that I’ve been through a few semesters, I think I finally have a grasp on the type of student I am and how I need to go about having a successful semester and finishing it strong!


I’m not sure if you are anything like me, but I need reminders 24/7! If i’m not looking at it, then it’s not on my mind anymore and I won’t remember to do it later. Something that I have integrated into my life is similar to a semester on a page, except that it’s a lot bigger and it’s in my room, so I am forced to look at it all the time. Not only do I have that made, I laid out my semester in my planner as well and I have important deadlines on my phone calendar too that reminds me two days before an assignment is due.

Something I already have done that ended up helping me a lot is setting up D2L to remind me of when I have quizzes and assignments due as well. Not only does D2L text me about deadlines, they also send me emails so there is no way for me to forget about it.

The thing with me is I always start out with good habits and being organized, but then the semester gets chaotic and I lose my way. These different ways of organization and reminders have helped me so far this semester and I’ve stuck to them pretty well! I hope you were able to take some ideas away from my chaotic mess and I hope the rest of your semester goes amazingly!




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