Registration Day Gone Wrong

16 Apr

Registering for classes can be extremely stressful without the right preparation. My most recent registration for my Fall of 2018 classes was a breeze, but my past experiences have been pretty stressful. Hopefully my 2 experiences of registration failures can help you all avoid any future registration difficulties.

1.) The time I overslept.


Setting your alarm the night before class registration is essential. Class registration begins at 6AM on a Monday. Somehow, I fell asleep without setting my alarm the previous night. This resulted in me waking up 2 hours past the registration and only be able to register into half of my selected classes. This wasn’t too bad since I was only a sophomore and still had plenty of other classes I could have enrolled in at the time. But now that I am a Junior, a minor slip up like this could result in me not getting in an required classes and worse case scenario having to graduate a semester late.

2.) Woke up on time with no classes in my shopping cart.


After oversleeping my first time registering for classes I made it a priority to make sure that I woke up on time to register for all my classes. Consequently, I must have forgot to actually make sure that I had all of my classes into my shopping cart. This resulted in me having an anxiety attack at 6 in the morning, while trying to add as many classes as I can to my shopping cart for registration. Luckily, I was able to register into all of my desired classes with pretty good times that didn’t conflict with my work schedule.

Im glad to say that these were my only two experiences of failure with class registration. For the most part, I’m kind of happy that these failures happened during my first years here at the University of Arizona. Hopefully, my two experiences will help you all avoid any registration difficulties in the future.


Until Next Time,

Darius Amos


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