Finish Strong

21 Apr


Q: Why don’t I feel motivated anymore?
A: It’s the end of the year sometimes our wind blows out! It’s a totally normal thing we all have to face at some point.

Q: Can I get over this lull?
A: ABSOLUTELY! You just need to spark your motivation.

Q: How do I spark my motivation?
A: Reevaluate your goals! I’m sure we all started this semester with some objectives. They could have been elaborate or simple, whatever they might have been, reintroduce yourself to them to remember why you wake up every day.


Q: What steps can I take to be happy with what I’m doing? I’m so over school, work, and everything!
A: Are you over listening to music, playing a sport, or binge watching your favorite Netflix show? Give yourself a break! No one enjoys school or work all the time, so taking a break and relaxing can be just what you need to fall back in love with your major.

Q: How long will it be before I feel refreshed again?
A: As long as you need! There isn’t a set amount of time you need to give yourself. We get a whole summer and winter break to feel recharged about each semester. Finishing it can be tough with no breaks. Giving yourself a mental break for a weekend (long weekends are the best weekends) can be just what you need to feel motivated.

Q: What do YOU do to feel motivate?
A: I remind myself who I am and who I want to be. All the exams, projects, and papers are just a necessary step for me to get the future I want to get. I just need to get past those to succeed.


Q: Is it like this every semester?
A: There are no guarantees about the future. Feeling overwhelmed at the end of the year can be frustrating but if you know how to conquer it once, you can conquer it again.

Q: Does feeling unmotivated mean I don’t like my major anymore?
A: Finding a major is a challenge for everyone. If you’re feeling unmotivated but think you’d be motivated in another major, then evaluating your major wouldn’t hurt. If you’re feeling more burnt out, then it might just be from this time of year. Take the summer to research your major again and see if it gets you excited again!

Q: I’m terrified of finals week! How can I study for all those exams?
A: Studying for finals comes down to priorities. Think about whether or not you’re on the verge of getting a letter grade up, how much the final is worth, the day each final is, and whether or not it’s cumulative. Once you’ve decided what’s most important, study for those early and leave extra time for the not as important finals.

Q: Is there any daily habits you suggest to stay motivated? Some days I feel motivated and other days I just feel groggy? How can I stay motivated more consistently?
A: Developing a healthier daily routine can help with the grogginess. Have a consistent wake-up time and breakfast can be a ritual your body will thank you for! Also getting a good nights sleep after a balanced dinner can do the trick. I know we’re all busy college students, but developing even small healthy habits can start the motivation train for other parts of our life.

Good luck on the end of the semester!



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