The Most Important Meal of the Day?

30 Apr

For years, we have all been hearing, “Don’t skip breakfast! It’s the most important meal of the day.” A lot of us (I) have been ignoring these words for years. And the reason for that, to put it simply is: I’m lazy. School starts early (you know what I’m talking about 8AMers). Why would I wake up even earlier than the sun just to stomach a few Cheerios? It just never seemed worth it.

Dark Igloo dance yes green celebrate

When I look at the concept in the grand scheme of things, it obviously makes sense. Start your day with a well-balanced meal and kick start your metabolism. Also of course, there is that side benefit of not being completely starving in your 11am class. So recently I thought to myself, why not give it a shot? Let’s see. Will it really make an impact in my overall life?

Ordinary Nadee animation illustration eating play

So to promote starting my day off right, I decided that for one entire month I was going to force myself to make time for some breakfast. Now just for the sake of reality, as great as the eggs and toast from above look, that didn’t quite happen each day. BUT, I did make sure to put something into my system. I wanted to make sure it was something healthy, however, because I didn’t want to just overload myself with sugar. Mostly, it happened to just be half a grapefruit.

orange fruit grapefruit

That’s probably not the most balanced breakfast, but I figured it was better than nothing. Initially, it was weird eating that grapefruit… But overtime, I definitely did start seeing some change. My body started craving breakfast in the morning. Also, I noticed the cravings that I used to have way later in the day and towards the night, started going away. And most significant (and something my poor mom has been trying to beat into my head for years) is that I finally had some energy during my 8am class!!

Sherchle art lol food design

So Wildcats, just to summarize, I definitely recommend it! I am really going to try to keep this up throughout the year. I used to be the person that woke up 15 minutes before I had to hit the door that desperately threw on my clothes. Now, I am the person that wakes up 20 minutes earlier, and puts grapefruit in a ziploc. 😉 LOL, okay hopefully I’ll soon move on to making eggs and such. Anyway, give it a shot, Cats! Maybe you’ll see an improvement in your energy too!



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