4 Ways to Take Advantage of Summer

3 May

Summer break here at U of A provides you with 14 full weeks to do with what you will. You can take these weeks to just hang around at home and finally catch up on sleep, but it is a great idea to take advantage of this time to gain some valuable experiences. Here’s my list of the best ways to make the most of your summer vacation.

  1. Volunteer
    There are so many ways to get connected to an organization and volunteer here in Tucson, or even in your home community! Think about what causes you are passionate about and see what opportunities are out there such as local food banks, animal shelters, or libraries. What’s most important is that you are giving back to the community and are passionate about the work you’re doing. You can even put this on your resume!
  2. Work/Intern
    No matter what stage you’re at in your college career, apply for internships in your field of study. Getting one early on as an undergraduate can help you build a relationship with an organization or company that will last well beyond graduation. Working or interning in any capacity builds valuable transferable skills such as time management, communication, timeliness, customer service and overall professionalism.
  3. Take Summer Courses
    Summer courses can be a great way to efficiently complete your degree and can be completed at a community college or right here at U of A. Check out the Transfer Credit Guide and meet with your academic advisor before registering for courses to ensure that they will apply to your degree. Summer classes are fast-paced and rigorous, but can be helpful!
  4. Travel/ Study Abroad

    Travel and study abroad can be applicable to your future! Traveling helps gain more perspective about other cultures and communities if you are thinking critically while you are there. Study abroad opportunities are also often a service-learning opportunity that can help guide your future career and show you passions you didn’t know existed. Plan for a study abroad opportunity well in advance if possible to ensure enough time to go through the application process and secure scholarships and other funding. It may be too late for a trip this summer, but you can start planning ahead for next spring semester or summer.

I hope this helped you brainstorm plans for this summer or even next summer! Good luck on finals, and Bear Down!




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