How I Prepare for Summer Session

5 May


Let’s be honest – no one wants to spend their summer taking classes.  However, summer classes are one of the best ways to catch up if you’re behind, get ahead, double major, or add a minor. While it may seem like you have to dedicate your whole summer to school if you take classes, if you come into the summer session prepared to stay on track, you’ll end up staying on top of your assignments and have more time to enjoy your break in the long run. Here are my tips to prepare for summer session classes and make the most out of your break.

  1. Check D2L in the week leading up to new classes. A lot of professors assign work that needs to be done by the first day of class, and you don’t want to start off the first day already behind. Even if your teachers don’t assign any work, many put up the syllabi, contact information, or textbook information. It is especially important to stay on track with how fast-paced summer sessions are.
  2. Read syllabi as soon as you get them. If professors put them up early, make sure to at least read through once and understand what the expectations are for the class. It’s a lot less stressful going into the summer if you know what to expect rather than waiting for the first day of class. I know how stressful it can be to show up to the first day and go over all the tests and dates and assignments in the syllabi when you’re fitting a whole class in such a short session. Get a head start to avoid this calendar shock.
  3. Start perusing the internet for textbooks. While I often like to wait till the first day of class to see if the professor suggests actually buying the book, it never hurts to find the best deals online ahead of time.
  4. Postpone making plans with all of your friends until after the first week of classes. The temptation to go into full summer relaxation mode is strong if you don’t stay motivated right from the beginning of the session. If I’m trying to make plans and hang out with everyone right away, it’s a lot easier to fall behind on those intro assignments that are really easy to forget about.
  5. Keep up with your normal routine and avoid falling into summer laziness. If you spend the whole first week staying up late, hanging out with friends 24/7, and watching Netflix till 3 am, it’s going to be really hard to adjust once classwork starts piling up. Keep your routine from the semester to make the transition as easy as possible once assignments start flowing in.

As long as you focus and plan right from the beginning of the summer, you’ll have jumpstarted your classes perfectly in order to keep up with the quick pace. As easy as it is to take advantage of the first week or so, you’ll be thanking yourself when you’re summer session goes smoothly. Plus, the more on top of your school work you are, the more time you’ll have to relax and enjoy your summer!


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