Summer Bucket List

9 Jun

Summer is the time to break out of your comfort zone and explore new horizons! Plus, for most of us summer actually gives us the free time to do all those things, so why not? Whether you are staying in Arizona over the summer or not, I encourage you to try something new! For myself, I have made this bucket list which I plan to complete by the end of summer.  Luckily, Arizona is perfect to get you outdoors!

1. Go Horseback Riding 

Image result for horseback riding tucson tumblr

2. Visit the Grand Canyon

Image result for grand canyon

3. Try Hot Air Ballooning

Related image

4. Jet Ski at Roosevelt Lake

Image result for jet skiing tumblr

5. Experience a Pink Jeep Tour Ride

Image result for pink jeep tours tumblr

6. Fly from a Zip-line

Related image

7. Explore Colossal Cave

Image result for colossal cave tucson

At the end of the day when you take a moment to look back on all that you have done, what will your life be fulfilled with? Making a bucket list can be a great way to accomplish all the memorable experiences you wish.

Make a bucket list and do the extraordinary! 

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