Bad Summer Habits to Kick

7 Jul

Summertime is when I am so relaxed that it turns into me being as unproductive as possible. Obviously, with us being the middle of July already, this can only fly for a little bit longer. If you have found yourself forgetting that the school year is around the corner, similar to how I am, we have both fallen into bad summer habits! Fortunately for us, there is still time to change those bad habits to good ones before school season is upon us. I have compiled a list of some habits that I’ve found myself in lately and if you are in the same place as I am, I have also put ways to change our lazy summer ways!

1. Staying up until the sun rises mornings GIFThis is something that I have started to fall into. With time off, what is better than staying up late and getting up in the afternoon because there are no plans the next day? Honestly, nothing. There are so many nights I spend browsing the Internet, watching a TV show, or talking all night with my favorite people. This is virtually impossible with 8am’s every day of the week and the endless amount of homework when school hits. I am not saying that you should start eating dinner at 4pm and going to bed at 7pm, but try to pick out a few days out of the week that you start going back to your normal sleep schedule. I have found it helpful by trying to go to sleep an hour earlier than your summer self does. If this doesn’t work, start doing more physical activity to tire yourself out a bit during your day. This will slowly change your sleep schedule back to the way it once was.

2. Forgetting what day of the week it is
 today marc maron maron dave foley what day is it GIF

There is no denying that I forget what day of the week it is. I’ll swear its Monday and, oops, it’s actually Thursday. I know this is pretty bad, but without the repetitive schedule of classes and the need to know what day it is, my brain just forgets even though it’s always displayed on my phone. If this seems like you, start planning out your days a little more. Even if it something simple like: I plan to clean my room on Monday, go out to lunch on Wednesday, and visit my grandmother on Saturday, this will help your mind wrap around what day it is because you have something planned. Another thing that I am planning to do is buy a large whiteboard calendar for my house and fill it in with important things, like when rent is due, along with fun things, like when I am going to camping. This will make you start to be aware of where we are in the month and how soon school is creeping up so it won’t take you by surprise.

3. Ignoring your U of A email email GIF
This is probably one of my favorite things that I get to do over the summer, but it also sometimes gets me in trouble. For example, forgetting to renew my parking permit. It’s best to keep checking your U of A email even when you are on vacation because it will update you on your finances, notices and holds on your UAccess account, and give you reminders of things that you need to do before the school year starts. Especially with the first week of classes slowly approaching, it is better to get back in the habit now, before you miss something important regards to next semester’s classes. If you feel very ambitious, get rid of some of your old emails and organize your inbox so your email will filter email based on primary emails, social emails, and promotional emails. This will help free up your inbox and also make it so you get all of the important ones rather than be cluttered with many emails at once.

4. Living in last school year’s pigsty
 messy room hiding clutter frantic kid GIF

Trust me, when summer hits I literally try to do the bare minimum for everything, including cleaning! I am still finding old notes scattered in my backpack and books in my car along with a jacket from last winter. Based on the appearance of my house and car, it still looks like I am living in spring semester. If you are in the same boat as I am, take time to clean and organize a bit before the school year starts. You may be surprised what school supplies you may find that you can reuse for next semester or books that you may be able to sell and you can save a bit of money (bonus, right?)! Another thing that can be helpful is to go through your closet. Pick out the clothes that you haven’t worn all year or are getting a little worn out. This will not only open up closet space, but it’s an opportunity to update your wardrobe (my favorite part). Organization is an important part for having a good start of the year, so it’s better to start cleaning now when you still have a large amount of free time.

5. Being in denial about school starting denial GIF
Even though we all wish it were true, summer cannot last forever. The upcoming year is approaching quickly and it is better to keep that in mind during the last weeks of summer, than have it creep up on you last minute. Try to implement a few things now, so you can be prepared to take on the new school year. It is very nice to have a break and be able to do whatever you want without the stress of homework and upcoming tests, but focus on the things you’re excited about coming back to school. You will get to see your friends that you have missed over the summer, come back to the beautiful U of A campus, and learn new things about yourself and your future career. Embrace the fact that you are in college and doing great things to better yourself and your future!

I know it may be a little soon to start prepping for fall semester, but it will make things easier on your for when the school year starts. Still enjoy your summer lazy days and take advantage of your time off. Spend time with family, binge watch Netflix a bit, but still think about the upcoming year and on things that you have to get done. One thing that will definitely help is turning your bad habits into good ones. Obviously, this won’t change overnight, but start with one thing at a time! wink kristen bell veronica mars finger guns you got this GIF

Courtney (:


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