Even Moana Felt Out of Place

17 Aug



For those of y’all who don’t know me, I’m Lili, and a handful of my friends say I look like -and am very much like – Moana. Lo and behold, I relate to Moana on more scales than one.

  1. I have the hair

2. I have the awkward demeanor

3. I had troubles finding myself.

Let’s face it: everyone feels out of place some time or another.

Maybe it was in elementary school, or when you joined the swim team. Or maybe, for those like me, it was the beginning of college.

sad moana

Three summers ago, I was sitting by myself in an auditorium surrounded by 500 people, knowing no one. This was freshman orientation. I was surrounded by girls who knew each other, and parents who sat with their soon to be college bound kids. But I, was alone.


don’t worry too much

Saying I felt out of place was just the beginning of it. I didn’t dress like the people around me, and I definitely didn’t have the three Cartier Love Cuffs that the girl next to me had. I have always had an RBF (you know what that is), so I don’t have an approachable face… so that didn’t help.


example A of my RBF

Finding A Friend:

Fast forward to the first few days of school; again, my RBF didn’t help me make friends. However, by chance, the seat next to me was open, and a girl who was running late to lecture plopped down next to me. -Foreshadow that she is now one of my best friends here-

From then on, I would try to find a seat next to anyone -because hey, don’t judge a book by its cover-


literally my friend is Maui

Finding a GROUP of friends:

Now, the real story of finding my family away from family started at the Meet Me at the Rec fair. This is an event where all sports -team, intramural, and others- pitch tents and try to recruit you to their team.

Here, I found the UA Quidditch Team. Quidditch? pfft nerd. I kid you not, this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did I meet some of the most open people in my life, but I was able to find people who were my age that were looking for friends as well. This sport (yes, it’s a sport.) showed me that I could make friends out of my major that actually had similar interests as me. Not all of the team liked Harry Potter; most of them played just so they could tackle people (yes, it’s full body contact).

So when I say to not be afraid to be out of place, I genuinely mean, DO NOT FEAR. It is a part of life, and often enough, there are dozens of people that feel the same way.

Immerse yourself in things you love. I promise you’ll find someone who relates to you.

baby moana

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx


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