A Guide to Managing Time Management

2 Oct

I bet I can guess your current, or at least your recent, situation.

You have five classes a week: two of them have assigned essays within two days of each other, one of them scheduled an exam for Friday morning, one of them requires you to complete weekly quizzes on D2L, and who even knows what’s going on in the fifth class? You had two weeks to prepare for those essays and that exam has been scheduled since syllabus week but you STILL procrastinated and you’re STILL scrambling to get everything done the night before. Shame on you.

Just kidding, LOL. We’ve all been there (more so than we’d like to admit probably!).

So, if we’ve all been there and we’ve all wished we’d made better decisions then why haven’t we learned?! Odds are, if you’ve struggled with procrastinating on schoolwork once, then it’s happened twice. By this point we should all know what to do in order to stay up to date with assignments and responsibilities — I’m not here to repeat everything all over again, I’m just here to try and make it easier to get things done during the week. Enjoy.

Google Calendar

Google calendar is an awesome resource to help you keep your life organized. If you’re a student at the university then you likely have a university email through Google. Basically, if you have an email through Google you have complete access to the applications offered in a Google account including Google Calendar. GC is a great tool for scheduling events, assignment due dates, setting reminders, etc. in order to make sure that your week is planned in an orderly and attainable fashion. This is definitely one of the easiest and most efficient ways to make sure you’re never rushing to get things done again.

iPhone Reminders

iPhone Reminders is one of those apps that everyone has but no one really uses. Most of us probably wish that we could get rid of it and use the extra storage for just about anything else, but the thing is Reminders can come in pretty handy! It’s like a to-do list that literally sends you reminders of when to do whatever it is you need to get done. As soon as it gets done you check it off and that’s it!

Set yourself up with a weekly schedule

It may seem too obvious to even be a thing, but it is in fact a thing. The sooner you accustom yourself to a set work schedule during the week the sooner you’ll notice a change in the way you get things done. Say, for example, you put yourself on a 9-5 schedule: Wake up, get work done, go to class. Dedicate those eight hours to getting all of your responsibilities taken care of and you’ll likely have more time to relax and less stress to take on the night before assignments and exams.

School shouldn’t have you losing countless hours of sleep every week! There are SO many ways to get things done without stressing about whether they’ll be done well or not. It really is just a matter of trying different things out and seeing what works best for you. There is something for everyone.



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