#OutrageousOctober: Horror Movie

17 Oct

Some people love horror movies, but I am definitely not one of those people. In the spirit of Spooktober, I decided to watch a horror movie to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. After consulting with some of the other Wildcat Connections team members, I decided to watch The Houses October Built. (Disclaimer- This blog in no way is endorsing the film or its content, just sharing my experience watching it)

I ended up watching this movie during the day, and thank goodness I did because I’m freaked out enough. I don’t think I would have gotten sleep if I’d watched it at night. It started out being a pretty tame experience, somewhat like a documentary or reality show. And then they show up to the first haunted house and everything was downhill from there. All of a sudden there’s clowns everywhere (which terrify me, by the way), and they continue to go to all of these haunted houses.

What really got me terrified about this movie was that none of it was totally implausible. People can do this stuff to other people in real life! Now I’m pretty much set on never setting foot in a haunted house in my life because you never know what’s real and what’s not. Even though this movie is supposedly fiction, I don’t have much confidence in all of that anymore. Ultimately, I’m pretty proud of myself for watching the movie all the way through. Doing things that scare you without taking you to crisis mode can be a really healthy growing experience!


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