Registration Follow Up, Time Management, and Positivity

20 Nov

Finally, it’s November! At this point in the semester, students have really settled down – they have their schedules filled up, they know where most of the buildings are, and they spend their free time with their new college friends. Some students may be still be struggling with time management, and staying positive through the tough times that college throws their way. With registration just wrapping up, it’s important to keep a level head!

Registration Follow Up

Registration is a very stressful time for students, especially for freshman who may barely know how UAccess works. During registration, students have the opportunity to create the schedule they need and want. Before registration, it’s important for them to know what they need by talking to their advisor, and adding the classes they want into their shopping cart so that they’re prepared when registration comes around. What happens after registration?

There’s a few possibilities. One of the rare (though achievable) occurrences is that registration went without a hitch and students managed to grab all the classes they wanted/needed for next semester. In this case, sit back and relax.

Another possibility, which is also every student’s worst nightmare, is that they’re missing a few classes. In this case, the student did not get all of the classes they need. Don’t worry, there are a few things they can do to help the situation. Students need to talk to their advisor ASAP. If the class they’re missing is a core class for their major and it’s full, their advisor may be able to open up the class for them to join. If the class is a general education class, the student can just choose another class that fits into their schedule. Lastly, students have the “wait list” option – meaning that they can choose a class they want (but is full) and remain on the wait list for it. Something that happens pretty often during the hectic first week of the semester is that other students will drop a class, opening space for other students to enroll.

Time Management

Time management is a tough skill to master. With the right tools and tips, students can learn how to properly manage their time without obstacles.

It’s important for students to know their limits at the beginning of each semester. Maybe they took on a load of 13 units in the fall semester, and want to try out 15 units this semester. While it’s good to challenge yourself, a lot of students have a tough time differentiating between good pressure and bad pressure. It’s one thing to for them to juggle classes, but many students also have part-time jobs or participate in clubs on campus.

One of the easiest and most helpful things for students to do to time manage is invest in a planner. Planners allow students to map out their days, weeks, and even months. Personally, I can never remember things unless I write them down, so I always make sure to write homework, events, and my work schedule into my planner.

Students also have access to many resources on campus that discuss how students can make the most of their experience in college. The Academic Success and Achievement teams have time management workshops for students, where they can learn all about how to properly manage their time. All students have to do is click the link, sign up for the time management workshop (or any workshop they feel may help them), and show up!

Staying Positive

Something that students have heard their whole life is “positivity is key.” While it may seem cliche, it’s 100% true! College is not always easy, and there are many times when students may feel like they’re failing or feel the weight of their classes pushing down on them.

It’s very important for students to stay positive, especially in tough times, such as during exams, finals, or tough projects. As a part of the student’s support system, there are many things you can do to help the student remain positive. Make sure to let them know that college is hard, and growing/improving is what it’s all about. Taking personal time is extremely important and vital to keeping a level head in college, so remind them to do the things they love every once in a while and engage in self care.

Students also have the opportunity to connect to great resources all over campus. Counseling and Psych Services at Campus Health provides students with counseling services if they feel the need to reach out to someone. Counselors will help students work through personal issues to help them succeed academically.

While struggling and failing is hard, it’s a part of life. It’s very important for students to remember that struggling is a part of college, and not to give up when things get tough. It’s okay to change majors if they’re unsure, and it’s okay to take a day off every once in a while. Classes are important, but your health and well being should always be the priority!


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