#NovemberToRemember: PIZZA FESTIVAL

21 Nov

For those of y’all who know anything about me, LILI VU IS A PIZZA ADDICT.



I don’t mean I love pizza; I mean PIZZA IS MY LIFE.


Pizza is always there for you, yknow?

Anyway, this November, I went to the annual Pizza Fest, and can I SAY, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.


Imagine being surrounded by your favorite thing ever, from different makers! Talk about diversity!

There was deep dish, thin crust, sweet crust, double stuffed crust, and even gluten free! To make it even better, there were airbrush tattoos and great lemonade!


Had to get a snake because y’know, Slytherin

I have to give my heart out to Buddy’s pizza! Square shaped pizza with the most amount of toppings ❤ I was in love.

My friends and I had such a blast listening to great live music AND eating our hearts out.

This was definitely a worthwhile trip to Phoenix, and my heart is VERY content!

Stay beautiful and eat LOTS of ZZA!



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