Spring into the New Semester

5 Jan

One thing I always find difficult is transitioning from winter break back into school life. I’m not going to lie; I love the life of getting up late, binge watching Netflix, and actually getting to see my family without the stress of homework. Even if I wish I could be a couch potato for more than a few weeks, I know it’s time to get back into my college routine. GOODBYE lazy Courtney and HELLO productive Courtney!! Ok, ok… I know it’s not that easy (but I wish it was!). How do you find the motivation to come back after a long semester and a well deserved break? Well, it takes a little time to get fully back into your groove. Here are a few things I like to do in order to get back into the semester!

  • New Supplies/Clothes – One of my favorite things to get me back to “school”

    New Semester, New You! Be confident 🙂

    Courtney is to get new things to help me get excited. I don’t know about you, but the best thing about getting new clothes or supplies is to USE them, so holding off until the first day of school to wear a new outfit or bust out your new planner gives you something to look forward to! For me, I usually get new pens, at least one new notebook, and possibly an outfit or two. It’s a gift for myself to start the new semester (why not treat yourself?) and it gets me eager to start school again.

  • Put Last Semester Away – This one is simple, yet important! Go through your desk/backpack/folders/notebooks and get rid of or put away things from last semester you don’t need anymore. Do you really need the flyer you got on the mall that you stuffed in your backpack while you were on your way to class or your Gen-Ed syllabus? Probably not. Throw away the things that you can get rid of permanently like ripped folders, but keep anything that will help you in the long run such as old notes from math that you can reference just in case you need to this semester. I suggest putting all the things from last semester in a box or a drawer that you want to keep and get rid of anything unnecessary.

    GET RID OF THINGS, but maybe not your computer 😉

    I failed to do this between Spring 2017 to Fall 2017 and it had an impact because I had all of these papers that I did NOT need, which made my bag cluttered. I felt like I was stepping into the same semester again because I was bombarded with old notes and other items that reminded me of last semester. Spring 2018 is a new opportunity to improve your GPA and move forward, not to dwell over the previous semester.

  • Get Organized – You have one semester under your belt and now you know what is working and not working in your college routine. PLEASE take the time and organize not only your bedroom/backpack, but also your “life” schedule. Allow free time in your hectic routine for time dedicated to yourself, studying, people, and hobbies. One thing I have always struggled with is leaving room in my schedule for things other than school. Even if you’re still working on your Spring schedule, try to map out time dedicated to certain activities. Trust me, planning it out time is more effective than trying to find time when you can.


    Dedicate time for the things you like!

  • Be Optimistic – If you had a rough last semester, THAT’S OKAY!!! 🙂 College is very difficult to get use to because it is completely different than high school. Freshman year is a transitional period to get to know yourself, understand which studying habits work and don’t work, and comprehend the amount of work needed in order to get good grades. Don’t beat yourself down if you didn’t get the GPA you were hoping for because you are going to take more classes and you can always bring your GPA up over time. If you don’t know what you want to major in, THAT’S OKAY!!! 🙂 When you first come into college and pick out your major, it might not be the one you stick

    Take this semester to find what you want to learn about!

    with because you don’t know what you want to do until you start to go through classes and learning about the subject in more detail. You can explore as many majors as you want to in order to find your fit. Honestly, I didn’t find my major until Spring semester of Sophomore year and I am still on track to graduate in the time I wanted to. You still have time to make these difficult decisions. Keep in mind this is only your second semester of college and you shouldn’t know everything. Second semester helps you develop further academically, socially, and mentally. Even though it’s hard work to grow, it’s is a good thing. Try to stay optimistic about the new semester because it brings in so many new opportunities!

Good luck in your first three days of classes; I know you will do great! You are already getting adjusted to college and this semester is a new opportunity to try new things, meet new people, and learn more!! I know college can get tough, but at the end of the day you are paving out your future, which is AMAZING!!! Pat yourself on the back for getting through your first semester and start looking forward to the Spring! It will be everything you make it to be!


Have a good start to the semester! -Courtney 🙂


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