How to ‘Midterm’

21 Feb

At this point in the semester, you may feel a little overwhelmed because you have looked at your calendar and you realize you have multiple midterms back to back. I know this feeling and it feels like a huge pit in your stomach.

Take a breath.

It is okay and totally normal to feel the pressure of midterms, but remember, you have tools and resources around you that will help you make it through this tough time. The following list will help you know where to go in order to make it through the midterm season along with small things to keep in mind while you are preparing.

This may seem a little like a bribe but that’s kind of the point. It doesn’t just make you WANT to study, but it makes you feel good inside because, after hard work, you will do something fun. You will be more motivated to bust out your notes and textbooks to study if you have something to look forward to afterward. This could also relate to stepping out of your comfort zone and attending a WSIP writing workshop or ThinkTank for an SI session or tutoring session. I know attending one of these alone may be nerve-wracking, but if you reward yourself after, you may have a little bit more of a push of actually going and benefiting a lot from it.

No matter what class you are studying for or how long you do it for, you ALWAYS need a break. ESPECIALLY if you have been sitting in front of a screen for hours trying to finish a paper or have your head stuck in a book for hours. Give your eyes a rest by walking outside or doing a fun activity on campus for a bit. Stepping away will not only give your brain a break but when you come back to your studying you will be more refreshed. Some of my favorite places to go to take a break on campus is going to the turtle pond, going down University for some coffee or a little shopping, or even sit down under a tree on the mall. Our campus is beautiful, so embrace the beauty that you may overlook. Another thing you can do for relaxation is visiting the RecSpa. They have different types of massages and time lengths at a very reasonable price. It is great to get out of your head a bit and go into relaxation mode. After you get a massage, you will be ready to get back to studying!

One of the best stress relievers is to focus on your body and participate in a little bit of fitness. If you are on campus, utilize the Rec Center because it is free to use and it provides for any type of fitness. If you like to lift weights, focus on cardio, swim, or just want to walk, they have an area for that. I know for myself, I’m not the fittest and going to the Rec is sometimes intimidating, but I encourage you to go and work at your own pace.

Even though you have to be productive, you still need to socialize with other people in order to maintain a healthy balance during midterm season. One way to be social AND productive at the same time you could form a study group! Ask the people in your class if they would want to get a study room at the library where you can all go over the study guide and other notes in order to prep for the exam. If you have the right type of group, these are very successful and a lot more fun than just being in your room by yourself. Another thing you can do to bring a little bit more socializing into your midterm prep is joining a club/organization or visit one of the cultural centers across campus. You will not only have fun, but you can meet new people.

The MOST important thing to remember when prepping for midterms is that you stay healthy both mentally and physically. Mental health is so important to everyday life, especially passing exams. It is important to relieve your stress in positive ways as well as be able to express yourself to people who you trust. If you feel overwhelmed during this time or schedule an appointment with CAPS. They are always there to help you out when you need someone to talk to! The same thing goes for physical health. If you feel like you are getting sick make sure to go to Campus Health. Midterms are twice as hard if you are not feeling well in the duration of the exam, so being on top of your physical health is vital.

All in all, during this time, make sure you do what is best for you and try to do your best with all of your midterms. It is very stressful so make sure you check in on yourself! Also, keep in mind that the UA has so many resources for you to use that are free from cost and can benefit you tremendously in your studies!

Good Luck with Midterms!


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