The Priority Registration Burger

14 Mar

When I was a freshman, I thought I could handle registration on my own. I could use my own judgment on which classes I can take because it’s ultimately up to me right? This was my mindset as I went into registration week and I had no idea that I was completely unprepared. I only had my five classes in my shopping cart without any backup and to my dismay, they were all filled a few seconds after it hit 6:00am. I tried to reassure myself that everything was ok, there was still time!
After refreshing the page, the whole system was offline because there were so many other freshmen trying to register at the same time I was. As this happened, I called my friend who was also up to register if she got into any of her classes and if she was even able to register. She and I were in the same boat of being helpless.giphy.gifOnce the system came back online, another bomb is dropped, all of the 8:00am sections for my BNAD class were full. This meant I had to rework my ENTIRE course schedule. At this point, I was over the entire registration process and almost decided to quit. giphy-3.gifFeeling frustrated, I decided to step away from my laptop and ask my older sister what to do because she has been in my shoes before. She recommended me to see if there is a waitlist for the section I want and to make an appointment with my advisor. She said I was overreacting and:giphy-1.gifI appreciated her advice, but I was a little uncertain about actually going through with it. I knew I could see if there was a waitlist on UAccess, but meeting with my advisor was another story. At this time, I was very shy at talking to anyone so any interaction, especially with someone who had high authority, made me very nervous. giphy-4.gifI decided that the best option would be to speak with my advisor, so I sucked it up and made an appointment. Walking in, I felt embarrassed. I was curious what my advisor would say and maybe they would laugh at me because I was a college student who couldn’t even register for classes correctly. I couldn’t have been more wrong. My advisor was very nice, helpful, and reassured me that many students had difficulty with registering. My advisor helped me reorganize my schedule in order to make sure I was enrolled in BNAD as well as kept my other classes in my shopping cart that could work if the 8:00am section opened up. I WAS THRILLED! Not only did I have a complete schedule, but she said I had through the first week of classes to revise my schedule. Meeting my advisor was definitely the smart thing to do and the next day I thanked my sister a million times.giphy-2.gifFrom that point on, I have never tried to register for classes on my own. I ALWAYS seek advice from my advisor before my priority registration date. I make an appointment even though everyone else in my major is trying to do the same thing because I want to make sure the classes I am taking are bringing me closer to graduation. I have had three different majors during my time here at the U of A and thanks to great advisors I am still graduating in four years which was my goal! There are so many things I have learned from meeting with my advisor especially about priority registration, so do yourself a favor a make an appointment before your priority registration date!


Good Luck! -Courtney


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