Supporting Your Students through End of Semester Stress and Registration

12 Apr

As the semester is coming to a close, this is the point in time when students are usually feeling mixed feelings of excitement at the thought of the end of the semester, but also feeling of a lot of stress, both with classes and preparing for registration. Here’s a glimpse at what your student might be feeling and how you can help.

The last month of school is packed with tests, papers, homework, and finals. Often, over half of a student’s grade in a class is determined by things they are doing in this last month. This can bring a lot of fear, anxiety, nervousness, and uncertainty regarding their classes and grades. This is also the time when it’s hard for students to find motivation to continue working hard since they’re so close to being done for the year. Furthermore, some students have never been under stress like they are now, a fact that can be very difficult to manage. Encourage your student to take care of themselves by trying to get enough sleep, eating well, and doing their best to manage their stress. You can also point them towards resources such as Campus Health, Think Tank tutoring, and professor office hours to help them manage all their schoolwork and stress in a healthy manner.

Another milestone of the month is registration. Students are planning and registering for classes for next semester. While the prospect of the future is exciting for many students, it can also be daunting as they aren’t sure what they want or need to take, how to make sure they’re on track, or when and how to register. The best advice you can give them is to point them in the direction of their academic advisor. Their advisor knows exactly what they need to take and when to keep them on track for their degree. They can also help students know when and how to register.

After registration is over, be sure to follow up with your student. Many students don’t get the classes that they wanted or have difficult schedules coming up in the fall, so it’s important to support your student, even if it’s just by offering a listening ear. It’s also important to remind students that even if they’re in a rough position regarding next semester that they still have to finish strong this semester with finals coming up. Registration and finals mark the busiest time of the year for students, so it’s important that they know they have a good support system that’s there for them. Take the time to be that support system for your student today.

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