My Experience as a Preceptor

20 Apr

Preceptor-ing for one of your classes is a great idea for a multitude of reasons. It gives excellent experience to put on your resume, it can help you forge a closer connection to your professors, and of course, it’s a great way to take some extra units. I spent a semester being a preceptor for my BCOM 214 class — which for those of you who aren’t pre-business majors, is essentially a business writing course. I have to say, I learned a lot from my experience, and here are some tidbits:

  1. This is going to sound strange since I wasn’t working in a team, but I felt a sense of leadership in my role. Even though I had just taken the class a semester before, I felt as though being a student that just went through the course made me acutely more able to provide guidance. If a student came to me with a question about an assignment, I was able to recall doing it myself, but I also knew more clearly how the professor would want them to approach that same assignment now.
  2. I gained incredible experience. Because I am in Eller and this class was a pre-requisite for my major, going through it was already a great learning experience. However, guiding others through it and grading student drafts proved to be invaluable. I genuinely cannot even look at something as simple as an email at this point without editing it in my mind. (So that’s kind of a positive lol).
  3. I learned so much. This goes hand-in-hand with my last bullet point, but I guess having an ‘instructor-esque’ role gave me a new found appreciation for instructors in general. Knowing that I was actually helping a student — especially when they came in for one-on-one help — was so gratifying. Also, I had to learn how to give hands-on instruction without taking over completely and writing the paper for them (this was actually a lot harder to learn than you might think lol)

All in all, I loved being a preceptor. A cool thing about my preceptor-ship was that following the semester, the BCOM instructors threw us an appreciation party! However, even without the party, I’d say having that experience was invaluable. I hope you all consider becoming a preceptor at least at some point in your college career! 🙂

-Amna 🙂

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