Finals Study Tips

25 Apr

With finals coming up, it’s easy to get into bad study habits, procrastinate, or even just not know how to study effectively. It’s also the most important time of the year to make sure that you’re on top of studying and assignments, since there’s so much going on. Check out these 8 tips below for how to study well and make the most out of this finals season.

  1. Don’t procrastinate! Study a little bit each day as opposed to a lot the day (or night) before a test. It’ll save you a lot of stress, you’ll remember information better, and you’ll probably do a lot better on your finals.procrastinate.jpg
  2. Prioritize your hardest or most important finals. If one finals is worth 5% of your grade and another is worth 50% of your grade, you should focus more time and energy into the one that’s worth more. Acing an exam that’s not worth very much at the expense of failing one that’s worth a lot isn’t a good trade off.
  3. Make a master study calendar. This could mean planning out how long you’ll study for each test each day, what you’ll work on during a specific time block, and what needs to get done by when. This way, you won’t forget about anything and it makes it easier to focus if you don’t have to decide what to work on.
  4. Block social media. It’s so easy to turn on your phone and end up losing an hour of your time just aimlessly scrolling. It’s best to either block social media, delete the apps from your phone, or control the amount of time you spend
  5. Utilize library databases and citation organizers for papers and projects. Google isn’t a very effective study tool when you’re looking for quality sources. The library and online databases have great sources and save a lot of time scrolling through web pages.
  6. Plan healthy breaks. This could mean taking a walk, eating a snack, taking a quick power nap, etc. Like number 3, just make sure you aren’t blowing hours taking “breaks”.
  7. Utilize different study methods. Try rewatching lectures, reviewing notes, reading the textbook, watching online videos, taking sample tests or doing practice problems. What works for one class might not be what works for another and having a variety of study methods helps you retain information and learn it in different ways.
  8. Stay positive. Stress doesn’t help productivity and if you tell yourself you’re going to fail all of your tests, you’re a lot more likely to. Keep a positive mindset and you’ll be a lot happier, more productive, and have a more successful final season.positive.jpg

Good luck and happy studying!


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