Have Fun This Weekend, With or Without Family!

2 Oct

Family weekend is upon us, and the University of Arizona truly does not take this weekend lightly! There are so many activities, from the Bear Down BBQ to carnival-level festivities. For many of you, this can mean finally being able to show off the university that you have gotten to know and love. However, a lot of you might not have family coming up this weekend. I’m here to tell you, there are still a million ways to have a great time this weekend!


As an out-of-state student, I really dreaded family weekend last year because I knew that it was not very feasible for my parents and siblings to come up all the way from Texas just for one weekend. I thought I might as well stay in because seeing everyone having a hoot with their own families might have proven to be a bit depressing. However, I was so wrong!

Here are some fun options:

Get some friends together, and go to the movies! Sounds simple enough, right? Basically, this is just another weekend, and the great thing about going to a school this big is that there are always going to be people in the same boat as you! So try to find out who doesn’t have family coming down either, and make some plans. One of my biggest tips is to go out, and make sure to have some fun!


Okay, I know some of you will refuse to go out-that’s okay, I love a nice relaxing night in as much as the next person. I think we are all on the same page when I say, there is one clear thing to do if you’re staying in: Netflix! If you’re not sure what to watch I would recommend Parks and Recreation, Friends, or Stranger Things (try to force someone to watch this one with you, it can get a little jumpy)!


If you’ve grown close to someone on campus -like your roommate or any friends really- and they offer for you to go out with their families, be open to it! Going out and having fun might get your mind off the fact that your family wasn’t able to make it, and trust me, good food and good company will make for an enjoyable time!


And lastly, why not just go down to the mall and partake in the activities the U of A is putting on? Maybe your family isn’t here, but you still have to eat! And I don’t know about you, but carnival rides, U of A football, and ice cream sounds like the makings of a perfect weekend to me!

Image result for u of a mall

So  if your family is not able to come down this weekend, I hope that you will not feel lonely! There truly are so many ways to keep preoccupied. Just try to have fun, whether that means a relaxing night of Netflix or a night out with friends! Hope you all have a great weekend, and Bear Down!



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