How to NOT Freak Out About Not Getting the Classes You Need

13 Nov

It kind of sucks, but not everyone can get everything they want. What’s even worse is that you woke up at 6am to register for a class you didn’t even get. But don’t worry, friends! Although you might not have gotten the exact schedule you wanted, there are ways to solve these problems. There are stranger things than not having a perfect schedule.


Your face when you didn’t get your classes, huh?

  1. Breathe!

The first thing to do, is NOT freak out. I know, I know, you didn’t get the course you need and you NEED it. But, first, for the love of Eggos and your sanity, breathe. Freaking out is not going to get you the courses you need or want. Be a mouth breather, and take a breath!


  1. Waiting list

Hop on UAccess and get on that waiting list! Email your professors, ask if you can get on that waiting list. This is the buffer stage between not having the class and getting into the course. Make sure if you can get on that waiting list you do so. THIS WILL DO YOU WONDERS because people do drop classes, so you’ll be ready!


get ready for that mad dash to the waiting list

  1. Talk to your advisor

DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Your advisor will help you know if the class you want/need is detrimental to your major and graduation rate.  They’ll help you find substitutes for those classes, or find a way for you to take that course. Your advisor is your Mr. Clarke. They will be there through your thick and thins to make sure you GET what you NEED.


  1. Look at substitute classes

After talking to your advisor, they probably gave you a list of options to go through. If there are substitute classes you can take that help your major course or anything, go for it! Other classes your major requires that you can take. For some majors you can take a class that will put you ahead, and the next semester you can take the class you missed. There are many possibilities, so make sure you explore them!


there’s a world of possibilities out there!

  1. Different class versions?

Online? Community College? Summer/Winter course?

Your advisor will walk you through these options too, so make sure you’re utilizing all of your options! You can transfer credits, so definitely ask around!


run and get that information you need!

With all of this in mind, the first thing you need to do is not stress too much about it. Your advisor and the University want what is best for you. Where there is a will, there is a way. There are many resources on campus to use, and I can assure there is a way and plan to get you where you want to get!


Get ready to swing at these courses with all your resources!

So get ready, and go get what you want!

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx


  • originally published in 2017

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