Foodie Nation

Tucson is an incredible place with a diverse selection of foods. Keep reading if you want to know about some of the tasty options we have right here in Tucson.

Sonoran Hotdogs 

You might be wondering what is a Sonoran Dog. It just so happens it is a Tucson delicacy and crowd favorite. Watch the video below to learn all about what goes into a Sonoran Dog and visit this link to find a few places sell them so you can try one too.

Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food

Visit Tucson sums it up perfectly. “What is The Best 23 Miles of Mexican Food? It’s an adventure of incredible food and a wide array of dining options, from fine to funky. It’s a line drawn in the sand of the Sonoran Desert: you won’t find better Mexican food anywhere north of the border. We’re happy to try out the competitors, but we stand by the claim. If you love Mexican food and you haven’t eaten in Tucson, you haven’t tasted the whole story. With hundreds of Mexican restaurants in town, scattered across the city, where does someone looking to explore this culinary adventure start? Where are the Cliffs Notes to the 23 Miles? That’s where the Tucson 23 Festival comes in. The Southern Arizona Arts and Cultural Alliance in partnership with Visit Tucson conducted the first annual Tucson 23 Mexican Food Festival – a one-night celebration of the best Mexican restaurants in Southern Arizona.”


Eegee’s frozen drinks are perfect for those hot Arizona days. Luckily for UA students they don’t have to travel far to try them. You can find them in the Arizona Market in the Student Union Memorial Center (SUMC). Or you can visit one of the many Eegee’s establishments in Tucson. Every month there is a new flavor of the month in addition to their four daily flavors.

UNESCO City of Gastronomy

Tucson was the first city in the US to get the designation of UNESCO City of Gastronomy. Visit Tucson explains this more: “Tucson received this distinction from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), because the food here dates back 4,000 years. The city’s culinary heritage is a tapestry of Mexican and Native American traditions. Eating local means honoring history, and each bite is an experience.” Visit this link to learn more about why we received this distinction from UNESCO.

Check out Tucson Foodie for additional suggestions on places Wildcats should try out.

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