Making sense of the UArizona Alphabet Soup

The University of Arizona (UA or Arizona) has many abbreviations and it can be really confusing when you aren’t used to them. All of these acronyms can often look like alphabet soup. What if you asked about getting involved in something on campus and someone said “Sure, just go to the SUMC, to ASUA and ask about WEB.” That means nothing.

You will find some abbreviations that are used on campus below. 

24/7 help desk for computing issues

AASA-African American Student Affairs

ABOR- Arizona Board of Regents

ADA-American Disability Act

ADMIN- Administration building

AG- Agricultural and Life Sciences

AGEC-Arizona General Education Curriculum

AHSC-Arizona Health Sciences Center

AME-Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

AP- Advanced Placement

APASA-Asian Pacific American Student Affairs

ARC- Advising Resource Center

ASUA- Associated Students of the University of Arizona

AZSO-Arizona Sonora Dorm

Bio5- Institute for collaborative bioresearch

BMPI- Biology, Mathematics, and Physics Initiative

BUMC- Banner University Medical Center

CALS-College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

CAPLA- College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture

CAPS- Counseling and Psych Services

CATS Academics- student athlete services- advising, tutoring

CESL- Center for English as a Second Language

CFA- College of Fine Arts

CHSA-Chicano/Hispanic Student Affairs (Guerrero Student center)

CLEP- College Level Examination Process

COH-College of Humanities

D2L-Desire 2 learn-learning management system

DOS-Dean of Students

DRC-Disability Resource Center

ECE-Electrical and Computer Engineering

EFC- Expected family contribution (FAFSA)

ENRB/ENR2-Enviromental and Natural Resources Building/2

FAFA- Free application for Federal Student Aid

FERPA-Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act 1974

FSO-Financial Services Office

FSP-Fraternity and Sorority Programs

FWS-Federal Work Study

GRO-Grade Replacement Opportunity

ILC-Integrated Learning Center

INDIV-Individuals and Societies (general education subject area)

ISRC- Immigrant Student Resource Center

LGBTQ+-Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, and Questioning Affairs

MESA-Mathematics, Engineering and Science Achievement

MLK-Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Student Center

NASA-Native American Student Association

NATS-Natural Sciences (general education subject area)

NCAA-National Collegiate Athletics Association

NSC-Next Steps Center

NSE-National Student Exchange

NSO-New Student Orientation

OSCR- Office of Student Computing Resources

OSFA-Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid

PA/PM-peer advisor/mentor

PAC12-Pacific 12 Conference

PAS-Physics and Atmospheric Sciences

PDB- Past due balance

PFA-Parent and Family Association

PSP-Posada San Pedro Dorm

PSU-Park Student Union

PTS-Parking and Transportation Services

QTR-Qualified Tuition Reduction

RA-Resident Assistant

RHA-Resident Hall Association

ROTC-Reserve Officer Training Corps

S4S- Schedule for Success

SALT-Strategic Alternative Learning Techniques

SAPR- Student Academic Progress Report

SBS-College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

S.O.S- Student. Opportunity. Success-it really means just ask them any question

SSN-Social Security Number

STU210-Transfer strategies-Course taken at Pima Community College

SUMC-Student union memorial center

TA- Teaching Assistant

TCE-Teacher/course evaluation

The Rec/Rec Center-Campus Recreation

TOEFL-Test of English as a Foreign Language

TRAD-Traditions and Cultures (general education subject area)

UPAD-University of Arizona Police Department

UITS- University Information and Technology Services

VDP-Villa Del Puente Dorm

WEB-Wildcat Events Board

WGRD-Women Gender and Resource Center

WSIP- Writing Skills Improvement Program

Hopefully this list helps clear up some of the confusion on acronyms at UA, if you ever have a question on any you can reach out to SOS.

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