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The Semester is Coming

18 Dec

Classes are starting again soon, and there are plenty of things you can do now to prepare. These ten tips will help you cover some of your bases.

1. Absolutely do not panic.


There will be more time for that near the end of the semester.


2. Find where your classes are.


Use the UA App to search for buildings you’ve never heard of.


3. Clean your room or apartment.


We all know it won’t be clean for long.


4. Start how you want to finish.


Start all those healthy eating and time management goals to get the routine going.


5. Use your free time to hang out with friends and even set dates to hang out during the semester.


Saying ‘let’s hang out’ doesn’t  count.


6. Set-up all your routine check-ups now.


Going to the doctor or the dentist is not an excused absence in college.


7. Pre-order your text books now.


’nuff said.


8. Hit up the big box stores for necessities now.


Stock up on toilet paper and shampoo to save last minute trips to the store.


9. Enjoy your last days of freedom.


It can be really hard to make time for yourself or fun during the semester.


10. Get ready for your best semester ever.


The semester is exactly what you make of it. I think you’re ready.


#DreadedDecember = #FirstWorldProblems

10 Dec

There are many things to love about December; classes ending, sweater weather, and most of all, being with family. One thing that I most dread about the month is travelling. Especially when I have to experience the busiest airport in the world to go home. To give you an idea, a plane either takes off or lands every 9 seconds at Hartsfield- Jackson airport in Atlanta. This means that the recommended two hours lee-way that TSA suggests passengers give themselves before their flight departs becomes an absolute necessity. I’ve had to deal with over hour long security lines, extra security measures, and select pat-downs because of the added traffic, sometimes hour long delays, bomb threats while waiting for a flight and my flight’s gate being changed up to 4 times in one hour.

Regardless of all of these nightmares, Hartsfield-Jackson is still one of the most organized airports I have ever experienced, even though they helped 94.4 million passengers in 2013 alone.


I can think of twenty things I rather do than deal with a busy airport and a three and a half hour flight, but when it comes down to it, its all worth it when I get to see my family. Sure my hands are tested for bomb residue and I’m always asked to have my fluffy hair patted down but it’s all worth it to be back home in one of my favorite cities ever.

I have to remember to stop complaining and remember that my first world problems are just that, first world problems. I’m so lucky to have the means of going home when I need to and having a great family to go home to. That is why this December I will suck it up, elbow my way through the crowds, and wait patiently in long lines so I can see the people that mean so much to me.

family love_r2_c2[1]


#NovemberToRemember: Paying it Forward

24 Nov

This semester I had the great opportunity of being nominated for my college’s search committee for a new faculty member. This means that I’ll be working alongside two other students and five other faculty members with each of us representing our respective majors or areas of interest within the college to find more faculty members that can help move our college forward.

This is such an honor in many ways. The first is that the committee positions are not announced or applied for. All of the faculty members on the board are chosen by the dean of the college and the advising board, and all of the students are nominated by the professors and advisors. It’s really heartwarming and encouraging for me to know that the faculty members I have contact with recognize qualities in me that they think would make me a great representation of my entire major. The next great honor comes in being able to directly influence the future of my college. In this new position, I will be able to select from faculty members that I think will be able to not only educate and inspire my fellow students but also stand as a direct representation of the diversity and inclusivity seen in our student body. My top pick of faculty member may even be chosen for the position by our dean.



I’ve had such great experiences in my college these past few years that I’m very excited to be able to give more students similar chances. The faculty members now have helped me gain precious professional contacts, gain entry into extremely competitive internships, and win awards and even some scholarships. It’s such a privilege to be apart of a team that will look for more faculty members that will help future students achieve their goals just as I was able to. This is so important because I was always taught to leave a position or organization better than It was when I came into it. I hope that after the committee has finished its search, our efforts will result in a much better college for future students. *Cue Happy Dance*



– Houston 


#OutrageousOctober: Zombie Apopcalypse Readiness Class

31 Oct

This month I was able to release my inner Selena from 28 Days Later and practice archery targeting for #OutrageousOctober. I’ve had my fair share of target practice from gun ranges and skeet shooting but when it comes to the Zombie Apocalypse, bullets might be a lot harder to come by.


It was really awkward for me at first to hold the bow and aim, but after a few complete misses my hand-eye coordination came back to me with a vengeance and I was hitting the target like an old pro. I can definitely see myself going to more archery classes in the future because bow rental is so much cheaper than renting a gun and buying the ammunition. Archery even allows you to get creative with the things you launch at  your targets.

Untitled 1

Now that I’ve conquered this zombie survival skill, I’m ready for more training like hand-to-hand combat for those rowdy survivors or common thieves and even knife practice for when it comes down to not having bullets or arrows. If the zombie apocalypse does hit and I’m still human, I’ll be looking for my fight team. If you’re looking for one more, I’m your girl!