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New Year, Better You

12 Dec

“New Year, new me.” Raise your hand if you’ve heard someone say this in the past week?

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Raise both hands if you’re the one who said it.

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The hype around changing yourself because it’s a new year is stupid overrated. Why do you have to change your entire self for another year? Also, why is there a sudden personality crisis because the number at the end of the date you write changes?  These ‘changes’ you want to make to yourself should not be dependent because of a year; these changes can happen now, and you should consistently trying to improve yourself. So, with this in mind, here are some ideas for the New Year, and Better you regimen.

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yes, yes we are

  1. Be Kind

What, Lil? I am nice. Sure. Okay. Now, we’re going to jog down memory lane. What was the last mean thing you said – yes even to your friends. I know, like I know you show your friends that you love them by being a little mean. I’m not saying that it isn’t okay, but try to be kinder in general. You see someone struggling to open the door? Go ahead, open the door. Your friend having a rough day? Come sit with them over some coffee. Small things like this improve your relationships.
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2. Eat More.

Okay, I don’t mean buy 5 Highland burritos in one sitting. I mean, eat more from life. Enjoy the moments; live in the present. Take a bite out of the morning; remember the positive aspects in life. Eat THEM UP. But also, eat real food too.Image result for star wars gif

3. Exercise?

I don’t mean like a total crossfit routine, I just mean go on a walk, or small jog. Take a class with your friends at the Rec. Instead of ubering to University blvd. take a walk. Rent one of those bikes that TEP has put around campus. Fresh air is good for your body! You don’t need to reinvent yourself, just improve!

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A for effort

4. Laugh More.

Laughing is literally the only thing that relieves stress. You can laugh about your stress, and still feel good. SO this year, with these goals in your head, remind yourself to laugh a little more and stress a little less. Laugh at the small things in life, laugh at the big things in life. Just LAUGH.Image result for star wars gif

5. Be Happy

This is a hard one. What is happiness? How do you achieve happiness? Well, I don’t really know the answer, but, do the things you love more. Go adventuring. Do not be afraid of change, or improving yourself. Get your Highland burrito, go try that new class at the Rec. Go watch the movie you’ve been dying to watch. But most of all, spread your happiness to others. Some people find happiness in other people’s happiness; so go around infecting others with your happiness.

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With all of this in mind, I want you to have a great year. I want you to be the best you you can be. I don’t want you to change your personality, rather, build on it, nourish your soul and your body so you can be that happy beacon. After all, you don’t have to be a new you to be better!


Much love,

Lils xx



#DreadedDecember: Buying Gifts

9 Dec

Tis the season to spend your entire paycheck on your friends and family! What I dread most is buying presents. Why?


  1. What if they don’t like my present?
  2. I’m broke
  3. I’m super broke

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accurate representation of me pretending I have money

Although we might all be in the same boat, my tips to making buying presents a little easier are as followed:


Free 2 day shipping is the best for the last minute present! Did somebody buy you something and you didn’t for them? Hop on that Prime and get your present with FREE shipping!

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and then your presents show up at your doorstep like:

  1. DIY

Honestly, most people like the meaning of gifts rather than the actual gift. I know my girls love picture frames and cute homemade things that remind them of the memories we’ve shared in the past year. Honestly, these gifts make so many people happy!

Related image

like how cute is this little wreath and headband?


What’s better than food? The answer: nothing. NOTHING is better than food. I love getting cookies and brownies in cute little boxes! I love love love food, and baking is the easiest way to go! You can eat love!

Parks And Recreation Christmas GIF

Show your pep with some music and cookies!


Spirit wear is kind of expensive, so I can completely vouch that I love getting University gear from friends. I don’t have to spend money on my own, and I mean, every wildcat loves getting wildcat gear.

Related image

I will wear my gear 24/7 like this!


You cannot – I repeat- CANNOT go wrong with a Starbucks gift card. Even if your friend doesn’t like coffee, Starbucks has so many things that someone will enjoy!

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you’re welcome

So, as the holiday season approaches at the pace of Mariah Carey’s holiday album, take my tips for easy gift giving, and make sure to spread the happiness!

Happy holidays, my friends!

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Stay rad,

Lils xx

Tips on Staying Healthy During Finals Week

28 Nov

It’s the lovely time of the year when you’re SWAMPED with studying, tests, projects, and trying to maintain sanity. Sleep is not even in the picture anymore, and we all know you have zero thoughts on what type of food you’re putting in your body. So when I say I have some ways for you to be healthy, don’t hit me with that eye roll. Because Lili knows the situation; Lili knows the ways to be healthy-ish during finals week.

Related image

Don’t laugh, I kind of know my ways!

    • Y’all sleep is important. Skip the nap and go for a full night’s rest instead. I know, I know you really want a nap! However, if you don’t have to take one, skip it! I DO GET IT, THOUGH! You need a nap to rest your mind before you study! Make sure your power naps are under 20 minutes! You don’t want to hit your REM cycle!Image result for kardashian sleeping gifs 
  • RUN
    • If you feel like you’re falling asleep or you’re tired of looking at your books, jog your memory and go run. RUNNING?! WHAT?! I know, but trust me, from one unathletic friend to another, IT HELPS! You’ll thank me later 

      Related image

      Me when someone says I should run

  • Snack and STUDY
    • Baby carrots and veggies are crunchy and keep you going. They’re pretty inexpensive too! You can get a whole bag of baby carrots for $3 at U Mart! CRUNCHY SNACKS ARE THE BEST SNACKS! GET YOUR HEALTH AND STUDY ON! Image result for kardashian eating gifs
    • You need to actually eat meals. Try proteins and greens? A nice chicken salad? A chicken wrap? GET IN YOUR CARBS too. Studying on an empty stomach is terrible, so please for the love of ME, eat a meal!Image result for kardashian eating gifs 
  • YOGA
Image result for funny kardashian gif

I would rather do yoga than stress

With all of this in mind, the first thing you need to do is not let the stress overwhelm you. You need to be patient with your studying, as well as take care of yourself. School is important, but you also need to watch out for yourself. Know your limits!!!

Happy Studying!


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#NovemberToRemember: PIZZA FESTIVAL

21 Nov

For those of y’all who know anything about me, LILI VU IS A PIZZA ADDICT.



I don’t mean I love pizza; I mean PIZZA IS MY LIFE.


Pizza is always there for you, yknow?

Anyway, this November, I went to the annual Pizza Fest, and can I SAY, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.


Imagine being surrounded by your favorite thing ever, from different makers! Talk about diversity!

There was deep dish, thin crust, sweet crust, double stuffed crust, and even gluten free! To make it even better, there were airbrush tattoos and great lemonade!


Had to get a snake because y’know, Slytherin

I have to give my heart out to Buddy’s pizza! Square shaped pizza with the most amount of toppings ❤ I was in love.

My friends and I had such a blast listening to great live music AND eating our hearts out.

This was definitely a worthwhile trip to Phoenix, and my heart is VERY content!

Stay beautiful and eat LOTS of ZZA!



How to NOT Freak Out About Not Getting the Classes You Need

7 Nov

It kind of sucks, but not everyone can get everything they want. What’s even worse is that you woke up at 6am to register for a class you didn’t even get. But don’t worry, friends! Although you might not have gotten the exact schedule you wanted, there are ways to solve these problems. There are stranger things than not having a perfect schedule.


Your face when you didn’t get your classes, huh?

  1. Breathe!

The first thing to do, is NOT freak out. I know, I know, you didn’t get the course you need and you NEED it. But, first, for the love of Eggos and your sanity, breathe. Freaking out is not going to get you the courses you need or want. Be a mouth breather, and take a breath!


  1. Waiting list

Hop on UAccess and get on that waiting list! Email your professors, ask if you can get on that waiting list. This is the buffer stage between not having the class and getting into the course. Make sure if you can get on that waiting list you do so. THIS WILL DO YOU WONDERS because people do drop classes, so you’ll be ready!


get ready for that mad dash to the waiting list

  1. Talk to your advisor

DO THIS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Your advisor will help you know if the class you want/need is detrimental to your major and graduation rate.  They’ll help you find substitutes for those classes, or find a way for you to take that course. Your advisor is your Mr. Clarke. They will be there through your thick and thins to make sure you GET what you NEED.


  1. Look at substitute classes

After talking to your advisor, they probably gave you a list of options to go through. If there are substitute classes you can take that help your major course or anything, go for it! Other classes your major requires that you can take. For some majors you can take a class that will put you ahead, and the next semester you can take the class you missed. There are many possibilities, so make sure you explore them!


there’s a world of possibilities out there!

  1. Different class versions?

Online? Community College? Summer/Winter course?

Your advisor will walk you through these options too, so make sure you’re utilizing all of your options! You can transfer credits, so definitely ask around!


run and get that information you need!

With all of this in mind, the first thing you need to do is not stress too much about it. Your advisor and the University want what is best for you. Where there is a will, there is a way. There are many resources on campus to use, and I can assure there is a way and plan to get you where you want to get!


Get ready to swing at these courses with all your resources!

So get ready, and go get what you want!

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx

How the University Keeps Students Safe and Immersed in the Community

30 Oct

With students being approximate 2/3 of the way done with their first semester, they’ve learned to handle academic stress, how to stay organized, and how to work the washer and dryer. There are three things that parents do worry about that are more difficult for students to learn:

Building Community

Although students have a handle on their school work, often times, we see students struggle with maintaining friend groups in which they can truly be themselves and be immersed in the community. Luckily the University has many different resources to help students build their sense of community, as well as find people that have similar interests as them. The University’s office of Diversity & Inclusion offers a student clubs and organizations list, a place where students can find inclusive clubs and organizations correlated to different cultures and traditions. If students want to join clubs or intramural sports, ASUA has a full list of all of the club opportunities here in the Wildcat Country. Lastly, if students want to get involved (volunteering, going to sporting events, or participating in philanthropic events), there is the “Getting Involved” page that the University has compiled.

Many times students aren’t immersed in the community simply because of a lack of awareness of all the resources at their disposal. There are so many ways your student can be fully engaged at the University without having to pay loads of money to join a club.

Campus Safety

This is the part where most parents worry. But, our campus goes through many measures to ensure that the students will be as safe as possible. The first thing that our campus has are the ‘blue light’ posts. Around campus are these posts that have a button that lights up. If a student feels endangered or feels like they are being followed, students can press the button on the post and keep walking. As the student walks and presses more buttons, UAPD tracks their movements and will catch up to escort a student who is feeling unsafe to their destination.

CAPS is the University’s Counseling and Psych Services that provide a safe space for students to talk about any issues or problems. This ensures the University’s efforts of ensuring student mental safety.

SafeCats is a proactive educational campaign that relays information related to safety through email and newsletters to students.

Social Safety

Ensuring safety around the social scene of college is another difficult task for Universities to offer. Luckily, there are campus resources, as well as other social services that keep students safe.

SafeRide is a free taxi-like service that shuttles students to and around campus. The drivers are students that attend the University who have gone through screenings and tests.

Companion is an app that many college students have on their phones that update their friends where they are and sends them a text when they reach their destination.

The more students utilize these free safety resources, the more assurance parents, families, and friends can feel about students going out.

I have used most of the safety resources our University, and as a female student here, I can assure that I feel safe. I have never felt really uncomfortable or threatened around campus. Although I have never felt this way, this does not mean students do not. Our University strives to make the University as safe as possible, extending these resources as far as possible.


#OutrageousOctober: Lili & Amna in a Haunted Corn Maze

18 Oct

Hello, beautiful souls, and happy spook month!


This October, we were challenged to do something outrageous.

For those of y’all who don’t know me, I’m terrified of LOUD noises. I am the easiest to scare, and I’m really just a ball of anxious nerves.

So, this month, Amna and I decided to do a haunted corn maze because we’re both a little chicken LOL

~Amna’s perspective~

Hi y’all, so honestly I can’t lie I’m definitely a screamer/squirmer when it comes to all things scary (mazes, movies, etc.). So I was definitely feeling the nerves as Lili and I (& friends) were in line. But, at the same time I was really excited because for whatever masochistic reason, the fear definitely provides an adrenaline rush.

–Maybe I should take this moment to apologize to the girl in front of me in the maze whose circulation I may have cut off in terror– LOL, sorry Ariel.

Regardless, it was a great experience I have to say! For those of you who are considering going – definitely go!! They had a lot of really cool effects – like for example (~spoiler~) there’s this kind of hypnotic bridge you have to walk across that made me lose balance, but also had me laughing so hard. And also, the actors are pretty good – they are definitely going to follow you if you look creeped out, fair warning!

In addition to the haunted maze, there was a regular corn maze that stretched out for miles on end (apparently). I didn’t get far in that part, but if you’re into all that problem solving maze stuff, I’m sure you would love it. Also, the farm had food options and great places to take pictures with friends. Over all, cool venue. I would recommend it.


So, watch our cute little video we’ve compiled. Sorry in advance for the whole “Blair Witch Project” feels, but I couldn’t find my GoPro Harness, so my GoPro was sitting in my shirt pocket.


Please enjoy -because we sure screamed a lot for this-

Anyways, hope you laughed harder than we screamed!

Stay beautiful,

Lils & Amna xx


17 Oct

Don’t know if anyone has told you, but the college friendship scene is really different. You might feel like you have to balance your different groups and have to be different around each group.


A good friend mix is exactly what it is: a mixture of different personalities. Finding people who you can be yourself around is important. A real friend group is one where you are yourself 24/7, and you can be happy! Most groups have a mix of:

  1. The joker

Oh, my favorite type of person! The joker is the person that will always make you laugh. Always. You might be this person, or you know exactly who this wonderful person is! You know you’ll be able to depend on this person to make you smile and laugh in your times of need, or all the time! Everybody needs a little joke in their life!


  1. The brawn

Ah, #TeamMuscle. This person – you know who I mean – is the bodyguard of the group. They might not be the actual muscle of the group – they can be smaller or tinier than you – but you know for sure, that at any time of day if someone were to approach you wrong or even look at you weird, they’re ready to protect you at all costs. They are the ones always watching out, always making sure your squad is safe.


  1. The brains

Every super squad needs a planner -the brains. This person plans all of the squad outings, the birthday parties, the late night food runs. They are the head of the groupchat, the coordinator of outfits, and the last minute party planner. You know you can come to them for any group questions, if you want to surprise someone in the group, or if you want someone to make a decision for you.


  1. The listener

AKA the ultimate problem solver. This is the caretaker of the group; they will listen to everyone’s problems, and not take sides until they’ve assessed all of the problems. This is the Switzerland of your friend group. The listener is a great friend that helps you figure your stuff out without really talking. They solve problems between groups, your internal problems, and honestly they know what everyone wants for holidays and birthdays because they listen.


  1. The foodie

This is me. This is the person that always has snacks in their bags or pockets. Foodies are always hungry, and always have a place in mind of where to satisfy their hunger. You can rely on the Foodie to always go with you to eat. Name a time and a type of food you want, and they’ll be there to recommend and eat with you! Munch on, Foodies!


With all of this in mind, you need to remember that it’s okay if your friends don’t have all the same characteristics as you. You are a piece of the puzzle that makes your friend group! Be yourself, because everyone has their own role and personality!


SO, go out there, find some people, and make your #SuperSquad

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx

Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Infamous Recipe: The Greatest You There Is

2 Oct

To my stressed out, sleep-deprived, caffeine dependent friends in the way back trying to stay sane, THIS is for you.

We all get lectured how many times to ‘stay on top of our school work’ or ‘becoming a better student.’ We spend more time trying to be the best students, overwhelming ourselves with our workloads, and we often neglect our bodies and our mental health.

Our advisors, professors, and practically everyone else wants us to be ‘the best students we can be,’ however, it’s time to focus on you, and being the greatest you you can be.


Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Infamous Recipe:

The Greatest You There Is

1 cup    Confidence

– Let’s be real: we doubt ourselves more than we should, and it literally drags you down mentally.

– So, be confident in your decisions. Be you and own it.


½ cup   Patience

-Ah, the hardest ingredient to obtain.

-Patience ‘is a virtue’ or something like that, am I right or am I right?

-We cannot stress ourselves out on things we cannot control; if you turned something in and you still haven’t gotten the grade back, patience is a thing.


2 Tbsp  Naps

-Whether you’re having a rough day, or you’re just mentally exhausted, remember to unplug, unwind, and take a quick nap.

-This helps your body, mind, and mood.


this can be you after a nap!

2 cups  Proper eating

-Trust me, I know, a Highland burrito is calling your name, and by all means, go for it. BUT, don’t eat three in a day.

-Try eating foods that are a wee bit healthier? Try to remember that your body is only going to feel as good as what you feed it.


1 tsp     Physical activity

-EXERCISE? What is that? Pfft. I know. BUT PLEASE, just go out for a walk.

-Get some fresh air

-Get that heart rate pumping and some blood through your body.


when someone says I should exercise with them

2 Tbsp  Meditation

-Introspection is important.

-This is just a moment for you to think to yourself, to really think about you.


1 pinch Laughter




1 pint   Self-love

-This is one of the most important things I’ve tried to learn.

-Loving yourself is important; love who you are and the things you do.

-Be happy and love yourself!


happiness is like a pie to the face. Am I right or am I right?

So there you go, my friends!

Love your mind and body!

Stay rad!

Lils xx

#StudiousSeptember: How to Stay One Jump Ahead

27 Sep

Happy September, my fellow stressed out Wildcats!

It’s grind time, or moreover, time to get things moving if they aren’t already!

And for y’all who haven’t started getting to it, don’t worry, I haven’t either! And much like Aladdin had Genie, I’m here to help you stay one jump ahead!


we’re all in this together, am I right or am I right?


Let’s not lie to each other. I rarely plan things. I honestly am in the habit of going on a whim or just winging it. So, when I say we have to stay one jump ahead, WE NEED TO STAY ONE JUMP AHEAD.

So grab your handy dandy planner, and write things for the week! Assignments? Quizzes? Discussion posts? Write it all now so you won’t have to later! TRUST ME. THIS WORKS.

Don’t you want that satisfying feeling of checking stuff off your list, or do you want that pitting feeling at 11pm about the assignment you forgot about?



What??? Early?

Yeah, yeah, I know. But, I promise you, if you do your week’s notes on Sunday and just relax and reread them before lecture, you won’t be in such a flustered mood during lecture to get things down!


Class will then be a debriefing period for you to ask questions and recall what you actually learned from notes!


Schedule some YOU time. Make sure that you actually give yourself some time to nap, snack, or just go on a jog. BUT MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT spending TOO much time on you and not enough on schoolwork. It’s a balancing game, but this is how you physically and mentally stay ahead. DON’T overwhelm yourself!


put your thinking cap on, and start going.


My favorite tip to stay one step ahead is to actually sleep. Put the phone down, you can stop playing PUBG an hour earlier than you need to be, and sleep. Try to let your body stay ahead. A week’s worth of only 5 hours of sleep a night adds up, and by Thursday you’re going to be needing more than a Pumpkin Spice Latte.



So there are my favorite tips and tricks to staying ahead! Make sure you leave room for fun, and for your mental health!


Stay beautiful,

Lils xx