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Parent Blog 11: Mid-Semester Lull

22 Mar

With Spring Break being over, and less than 8 weeks left in the semester, students often struggle with getting over the “mid-semester lull.” Most students find themselves being a little ‘slow’ when it comes to getting things done because they’re exhausted from midterms, stress, and day-to-day responsibilities.

Your student may be feeling this way at the moment.

Although this may be, there are three important areas that students need to focus on this semester.

Fall 2018 Registration

The most stressful thing about the middle of the semester for most students is the need to register for Fall courses. Your student may be stressed because they don’t know what courses they need for next semester, or how to find out. The first thing your student needs to do is to make sure they are keeping up with the credits that they need to have to stay on track for graduation. Your student can make sure they are on track by meeting with their advisor, or checking UAccess. Students often forget that they can add classes to their shopping cart before the registration date. Adding classes to the shopping cart makes registration morning much easier and less stressful. Registration opens at 6am; this means that students can click the ‘register’ button for all of their classes in their cart. Although this doesn’t seem too stressful, many underclassman classes have capacity limits, and more than likely, your student may not get the classes they are looking for. Do not worry, though! Students can register for the waitlist for those classes, and they can also speak to their advisors about what to do next.

Ensuring your student that it isn’t the end of the world, is the most important step. Your student’s stress levels may increase, but it’s important that you remind them that where there is a will, there is a way. The University has many different ways for students to stay on track!

Getting Over the Semester Lull

The weeks after Spring Break and before Summer Break are the hardest weeks for students; they have been working hard and stressing for almost a whole year. Students find themselves low on motivation, and slow when it comes to staying on top of their duties. This is the part where parents need to remind students that they are so close to the finish line. The first year of college is almost done! Keeping your student motivated may seem like an odd request, but oftentimes students forget that other people believe in them too. Reminding your student that you believe in them and that their efforts are not unnoticed may give them that morale boost they need.

Spring Fling

The best thing for your student to get over the mid-semester lull is to relax! Spring Fling is the opportunity for your student to have safe and adventurous fun! Spring Fling is an event the University has where carnival rides, games, and food are brought on campus for one weekend. Many of the student clubs work the different booths, and it’s an event that rallies the entire student body. Your student will be able to buy tickets for food, games, and rides, or wristbands to ride the rides for an unlimited time for the day. Spring Fling is a great opportunity for your student to relax, unwind, and have some fun! It is open to the entire community (at an entry fee if you are not a University of Arizona student) and is happening from April 13-15th! The website has more details if needed, and we hope to see your student and you there!

With that in mind, I hope you will be able to help your stressed student!




#MiddlingMarch: GO GET PIERCED

14 Mar

When it comes to keeping motivation at a high – especially after Spring Break and before midterms – I am usually at the end of the snooze spectrum. I lack almost all motivation and all drive to get anything done.

This March, my idea to get my up and up was to get my ears pierced again. LOL.

I’m not saying I enjoy pain, necessarily, I just enjoy getting pierced HA. It’s something I’ve always done when I feel bored or mellowed out. It brings some sort of excitement into my week and has me looking forward to the next week.

This might not be for everyone, but, if you’re down with getting some needles stabbed into your body, Sacred Art down 6th St. has a buy one, get one free piercing charge! If you’re looking for one piercing, grab a friend and both you of you can get something pierced for $28!

I’m not saying go get everything pierced, and feel pain, but, honestly, it helps me look forward to something. I usually will do it on the weekends, so I motivate myself with the thought of getting something pierced to get me through the week.

So, with this in mind, maybe go get something pierced – if you’re willing – and have a good march through March!


enjoy this picture of my ear

Stay beautiful, happy March!


#FearlessFebruary: Operation Goodbye Moana

20 Feb




Stay wild, stay adventurous, stay beautiful,

Lils xx

It’s Time to Square Up, My G.

12 Feb


Alright, it’s the week after Spring Break, and you’re probably relaxing, taking your sweet time with all of your activities. I get it. You just did come back from break

Image result for relax gif

However, let Lili be the bearer of killjoys: you should spend this week back for introspection. Are you where you want to be? Have you reached any of your goals that you’ve set at the beginning of the year? Are you content with your journey so far? Are you working on being a better you?

Image result for i'm overwhelmed gif

Me @ myself

I know, I know. Wow, Lil, laying the guilt on thick, huh? Yes. Yes, I am. Because as much as I like to say I’m a laidback person, I am also a very anxious person when it comes to talking about where I am in life. So, let’s talk about where we are, and why it’s time to square up with yourself.


Alright, I know in my previous blogs I’ve said that you ‘had time, so don’t worry.’ I wasn’t lying. You still do have time to live life and make decisions, however, you still need to be progressing. As long as you’re moving forward, going somewhere, towards your goal, you’re doing great. You won’t have for forever to actually start moving towards your goal. SO, grab time by the horns, and make it your friend. Have you started using your planner? Have you actually started working out 3 times a week? Have you made time to go over your notes after lecture? Your goals can only be achieved if you make time for them. So, y’know, hop to it.

Image result for be productive gif

guilty as charged.


Now that we’re at the midpoint of the semester, it’s time to actually get real with yourself and see if your goals are actually achievable. I’m not saying this to put you down, but as your friendly neighbor, also known as Reality. If you’ve been working hard on achieving your goal but it isn’t achievable, what’s the point? I’m NOT SAYING TO GIVE UP, I’m just saying, maybe you can decrease the weight on your shoulders. Working hard shouldn’t be wasted; make sure you’re working towards something that is achievable and still something you have to work for.

Image result for be real gif

finger guns and all


You can’t dilly dally anymore, y’know? Like you’re kind of an adult. You need to think about the future -I know, it’s terrifying- but you need to set and move forward with your goals, dude. YOU’RE IN COLLEGE TO LEARN to be an adult, to actually deliver with your promises, and to figure life out. I mean, I am in no way saying that I KNOW EVERYTHING, because I don’t. But, I can fully say that being a full-time student, a part-time worker, a full-fledged club sports player, and a normal college student has taught me to set goals, set time for them, and to balance the real world. The real world isn’t going to give you breaks so you can reach your goals. You have to integrate your goals into your everyday life.

Image result for this is adulting gif

April, I feel you.

With all of this in mind, I know you’re a bright and eager Padawan like me, and you’re setting these goals. Don’t let time or laziness stand in the way. Right now is your time. So, go get your goals, my G.

Image result for go get them gif

Much love,

Lils xx


It’s Okay to Not Know

5 Feb

“What are you majoring in?”

“What are you going to do with that?”

“How are you going to pay your bills?

“Are you going to go to graduate school?”

If I could have a slice of pizza for every time someone asked me one of the mentioned questions, I would likely have No Anchovies out of pies for a good month.

Hey, I get it. People are curious, they just want to know. But, this doesn’t mean you need to know the answers to their questions. It is perfectly okay to not know the answers! Here’s why:

  1. YOU CHANGE YOUR MIND. I kid you not, I can barely decide what to eat for dinner. And although that’s more frustrating, it’s PERFECTLY NORMAL to not know what to do with your major/college experience/life. THIS IS LIFE WE’RE TALKING ABOUT. So, pardon if you feel a little more hesitant when picking your degree. It’s okay to switch majors, to feel passionate about something else. It’s perfectly fine! And it’s okay to want to change your major because you don’t feel like you can flourish where you are. Doubting yourself is all a part of life, but sometimes your gut knows better than what others are telling you. It’s okay to not know what to do, okay?



  2. LIFE HAPPENS. You didn’t do the best on your finals, you forgot an assignment, you hate your core classes. This is life; life will sometimes kinda suck. But that’s okay. If you are doubting your major because you aren’t doing the best in the classes needed for your major, it’s okay. This is life. No class is going to determine if you’re going to be a good chemical engineer or not. I’m not saying the courses don’t matter, I’m just saying that if you’re doubting yourself because of life, or because someone says you’re not good enough, forget it. If you have the passion, go for it. This is life, you have one of them, so use it.www.gif


  3. MONEY ISN’T LIKE HOW IT USED TO BE. Alright, I don’t know if the ‘adult’ people around you are the same, but they told me to select a major that would make me money. Funny thing is, money comes around differently nowadays. People can make millions off YouTube, y’know? I’m not saying drop out of college and pursue YouTube, but don’t worry, as times change and become more modern, so do the opportunities to ‘make money.’ After all, this is what you’re going to be doing for a solid couple of years, so make sure you have the passion for it.



  4. YOU’RE STILL YOUNG. Okay, so let’s say you decide to choose a major and you’re doubting it, but you still roll with it. That’s TOTALLY okay too. Why? Because YOU’RE STILL YOUNG. Even if you’re a senior in college, you’re still only going to be 21. If you think about it, you have time, so stop forcing decisions if you’re not ready to make them!fairly.gif


  5. YOU’RE HUMAN. We make mistakes. We sometimes think with our heads more than our hearts, or vice versa. We live and experience, learn, and try again. ALL HUMANS STRUGGLE WITH MAKING DECISIONS. 

    yay for struggling together



You don’t have to know what you’re going to do in five years, how many dogs you’re going to have, and how many bedrooms your house is going to have. Nevertheless, you don’t need to know everything about deciding on a major/if you want to stay in your major. You have time, you’re still young, and we all live life-changing our minds. So, the next time someone asks you, say, ‘I don’t know’ with the confidence that millions of people are struggling with the same problem, and that it’s not even a problem, rather another spice to add to your life.


Much love,

Lils xx


11 Jan

Now that it’s the new year and y’all have your fitness routines and such all worked out, it’s time to focus on your hearts. VOLUNTEERING! YAY! Okay, yeah, I get it, you did that one thing, that one time, and you’re set, right? NO. WRONG. It’s always a good thing to volunteer, and let Lili lay some knowledge on why.


get readdddddyyy

    • Look, let’s be real. You know you feel good when you volunteer, or help someone. Maybe not in the moment, but you know you helped someone who needed it. So, why on earth wouldn’t you want to feel good? Your conscience is calling you! It wants you to help put a smile on someone else’s face!giphy.gif
    • Who says you don’t have to benefit from the volunteer work? You can definitely mention these experiences on your resume, cover letters, and interviews! After all, the things are building your character, so y’know, GO BUILD SOME CHARACTER. 

      you’ll be dancing once you know you have some solid resume builders!


    • Whether you’re helping someone mow their lawn, or you’re tutoring other students, you are making a difference. Although it may not feel like it for the big picture, you are changing someone’s life. It may not be the world, but if enough of us do one kind act like that, it builds up to change the world in the end. 

      don’t be surprised! Someone out there needs help!


    • Networking is the way of the modern world; you need connections to get places, letters of recommendations, and anything else of the sorts. Volunteering opportunities open windows where you can meet new people! This, again, is another way you can benefit from volunteering. 

      you recently when people ask if you have built some networks lately.



  5. IT’S FUN
    • Who said you would have to do it alone? I volunteer all the time with a group of my friends! You really get to bond with your best mates while also helping the community. It’s a win-win!


All in all, life is what you make of it. Why not help someone who needs it? You can have fun, gain experience, and benefit the community all by one opportunity. So, hop to it!


Much love,

Lils xx


New Year, Better You

12 Dec

“New Year, new me.” Raise your hand if you’ve heard someone say this in the past week?

Image result for star wars gif raise arm

Raise both hands if you’re the one who said it.

Image result for star wars gif

The hype around changing yourself because it’s a new year is stupid overrated. Why do you have to change your entire self for another year? Also, why is there a sudden personality crisis because the number at the end of the date you write changes?  These ‘changes’ you want to make to yourself should not be dependent because of a year; these changes can happen now, and you should consistently trying to improve yourself. So, with this in mind, here are some ideas for the New Year, and Better you regimen.

Related image

yes, yes we are

  1. Be Kind

What, Lil? I am nice. Sure. Okay. Now, we’re going to jog down memory lane. What was the last mean thing you said – yes even to your friends. I know, like I know you show your friends that you love them by being a little mean. I’m not saying that it isn’t okay, but try to be kinder in general. You see someone struggling to open the door? Go ahead, open the door. Your friend having a rough day? Come sit with them over some coffee. Small things like this improve your relationships.
Star Wars R2S Feels GIF

2. Eat More.

Okay, I don’t mean buy 5 Highland burritos in one sitting. I mean, eat more from life. Enjoy the moments; live in the present. Take a bite out of the morning; remember the positive aspects in life. Eat THEM UP. But also, eat real food too.Image result for star wars gif

3. Exercise?

I don’t mean like a total crossfit routine, I just mean go on a walk, or small jog. Take a class with your friends at the Rec. Instead of ubering to University blvd. take a walk. Rent one of those bikes that TEP has put around campus. Fresh air is good for your body! You don’t need to reinvent yourself, just improve!

Image result for star wars gif

A for effort

4. Laugh More.

Laughing is literally the only thing that relieves stress. You can laugh about your stress, and still feel good. SO this year, with these goals in your head, remind yourself to laugh a little more and stress a little less. Laugh at the small things in life, laugh at the big things in life. Just LAUGH.Image result for star wars gif

5. Be Happy

This is a hard one. What is happiness? How do you achieve happiness? Well, I don’t really know the answer, but, do the things you love more. Go adventuring. Do not be afraid of change, or improving yourself. Get your Highland burrito, go try that new class at the Rec. Go watch the movie you’ve been dying to watch. But most of all, spread your happiness to others. Some people find happiness in other people’s happiness; so go around infecting others with your happiness.

Image result for star wars gif

With all of this in mind, I want you to have a great year. I want you to be the best you you can be. I don’t want you to change your personality, rather, build on it, nourish your soul and your body so you can be that happy beacon. After all, you don’t have to be a new you to be better!


Much love,

Lils xx


#DreadedDecember: Buying Gifts

9 Dec

Tis the season to spend your entire paycheck on your friends and family! What I dread most is buying presents. Why?


  1. What if they don’t like my present?
  2. I’m broke
  3. I’m super broke

Image result for holiday gif

accurate representation of me pretending I have money

Although we might all be in the same boat, my tips to making buying presents a little easier are as followed:


Free 2 day shipping is the best for the last minute present! Did somebody buy you something and you didn’t for them? Hop on that Prime and get your present with FREE shipping!

Related image

and then your presents show up at your doorstep like:

  1. DIY

Honestly, most people like the meaning of gifts rather than the actual gift. I know my girls love picture frames and cute homemade things that remind them of the memories we’ve shared in the past year. Honestly, these gifts make so many people happy!

Related image

like how cute is this little wreath and headband?


What’s better than food? The answer: nothing. NOTHING is better than food. I love getting cookies and brownies in cute little boxes! I love love love food, and baking is the easiest way to go! You can eat love!

Parks And Recreation Christmas GIF

Show your pep with some music and cookies!


Spirit wear is kind of expensive, so I can completely vouch that I love getting University gear from friends. I don’t have to spend money on my own, and I mean, every wildcat loves getting wildcat gear.

Related image

I will wear my gear 24/7 like this!


You cannot – I repeat- CANNOT go wrong with a Starbucks gift card. Even if your friend doesn’t like coffee, Starbucks has so many things that someone will enjoy!

Related image

you’re welcome

So, as the holiday season approaches at the pace of Mariah Carey’s holiday album, take my tips for easy gift giving, and make sure to spread the happiness!

Happy holidays, my friends!

Image result for holiday gif

Stay rad,

Lils xx

Tips on Staying Healthy During Finals Week

28 Nov

It’s the lovely time of the year when you’re SWAMPED with studying, tests, projects, and trying to maintain sanity. Sleep is not even in the picture anymore, and we all know you have zero thoughts on what type of food you’re putting in your body. So when I say I have some ways for you to be healthy, don’t hit me with that eye roll. Because Lili knows the situation; Lili knows the ways to be healthy-ish during finals week.

Related image

Don’t laugh, I kind of know my ways!

    • Y’all sleep is important. Skip the nap and go for a full night’s rest instead. I know, I know you really want a nap! However, if you don’t have to take one, skip it! I DO GET IT, THOUGH! You need a nap to rest your mind before you study! Make sure your power naps are under 20 minutes! You don’t want to hit your REM cycle!Image result for kardashian sleeping gifs 
  • RUN
    • If you feel like you’re falling asleep or you’re tired of looking at your books, jog your memory and go run. RUNNING?! WHAT?! I know, but trust me, from one unathletic friend to another, IT HELPS! You’ll thank me later 

      Related image

      Me when someone says I should run

  • Snack and STUDY
    • Baby carrots and veggies are crunchy and keep you going. They’re pretty inexpensive too! You can get a whole bag of baby carrots for $3 at U Mart! CRUNCHY SNACKS ARE THE BEST SNACKS! GET YOUR HEALTH AND STUDY ON! Image result for kardashian eating gifs
    • You need to actually eat meals. Try proteins and greens? A nice chicken salad? A chicken wrap? GET IN YOUR CARBS too. Studying on an empty stomach is terrible, so please for the love of ME, eat a meal!Image result for kardashian eating gifs 
  • YOGA
Image result for funny kardashian gif

I would rather do yoga than stress

With all of this in mind, the first thing you need to do is not let the stress overwhelm you. You need to be patient with your studying, as well as take care of yourself. School is important, but you also need to watch out for yourself. Know your limits!!!

Happy Studying!


Image result for funny kardashian gif

#NovemberToRemember: PIZZA FESTIVAL

21 Nov

For those of y’all who know anything about me, LILI VU IS A PIZZA ADDICT.



I don’t mean I love pizza; I mean PIZZA IS MY LIFE.


Pizza is always there for you, yknow?

Anyway, this November, I went to the annual Pizza Fest, and can I SAY, IT WAS SO WORTH IT.


Imagine being surrounded by your favorite thing ever, from different makers! Talk about diversity!

There was deep dish, thin crust, sweet crust, double stuffed crust, and even gluten free! To make it even better, there were airbrush tattoos and great lemonade!


Had to get a snake because y’know, Slytherin

I have to give my heart out to Buddy’s pizza! Square shaped pizza with the most amount of toppings ❤ I was in love.

My friends and I had such a blast listening to great live music AND eating our hearts out.

This was definitely a worthwhile trip to Phoenix, and my heart is VERY content!

Stay beautiful and eat LOTS of ZZA!