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#OutrageousOctober: Lili & Amna in a Haunted Corn Maze

18 Oct

Hello, beautiful souls, and happy spook month!


This October, we were challenged to do something outrageous.

For those of y’all who don’t know me, I’m terrified of LOUD noises. I am the easiest to scare, and I’m really just a ball of anxious nerves.

So, this month, Amna and I decided to do a haunted corn maze because we’re both a little chicken LOL

~Amna’s perspective~

Hi y’all, so honestly I can’t lie I’m definitely a screamer/squirmer when it comes to all things scary (mazes, movies, etc.). So I was definitely feeling the nerves as Lili and I (& friends) were in line. But, at the same time I was really excited because for whatever masochistic reason, the fear definitely provides an adrenaline rush.

–Maybe I should take this moment to apologize to the girl in front of me in the maze whose circulation I may have cut off in terror– LOL, sorry Ariel.

Regardless, it was a great experience I have to say! For those of you who are considering going – definitely go!! They had a lot of really cool effects – like for example (~spoiler~) there’s this kind of hypnotic bridge you have to walk across that made me lose balance, but also had me laughing so hard. And also, the actors are pretty good – they are definitely going to follow you if you look creeped out, fair warning!

In addition to the haunted maze, there was a regular corn maze that stretched out for miles on end (apparently). I didn’t get far in that part, but if you’re into all that problem solving maze stuff, I’m sure you would love it. Also, the farm had food options and great places to take pictures with friends. Over all, cool venue. I would recommend it.


So, watch our cute little video we’ve compiled. Sorry in advance for the whole “Blair Witch Project” feels, but I couldn’t find my GoPro Harness, so my GoPro was sitting in my shirt pocket.


Please enjoy -because we sure screamed a lot for this-

Anyways, hope you laughed harder than we screamed!

Stay beautiful,

Lils & Amna xx



17 Oct

Don’t know if anyone has told you, but the college friendship scene is really different. You might feel like you have to balance your different groups and have to be different around each group.


A good friend mix is exactly what it is: a mixture of different personalities. Finding people who you can be yourself around is important. A real friend group is one where you are yourself 24/7, and you can be happy! Most groups have a mix of:

  1. The joker

Oh, my favorite type of person! The joker is the person that will always make you laugh. Always. You might be this person, or you know exactly who this wonderful person is! You know you’ll be able to depend on this person to make you smile and laugh in your times of need, or all the time! Everybody needs a little joke in their life!


  1. The brawn

Ah, #TeamMuscle. This person – you know who I mean – is the bodyguard of the group. They might not be the actual muscle of the group – they can be smaller or tinier than you – but you know for sure, that at any time of day if someone were to approach you wrong or even look at you weird, they’re ready to protect you at all costs. They are the ones always watching out, always making sure your squad is safe.


  1. The brains

Every super squad needs a planner -the brains. This person plans all of the squad outings, the birthday parties, the late night food runs. They are the head of the groupchat, the coordinator of outfits, and the last minute party planner. You know you can come to them for any group questions, if you want to surprise someone in the group, or if you want someone to make a decision for you.


  1. The listener

AKA the ultimate problem solver. This is the caretaker of the group; they will listen to everyone’s problems, and not take sides until they’ve assessed all of the problems. This is the Switzerland of your friend group. The listener is a great friend that helps you figure your stuff out without really talking. They solve problems between groups, your internal problems, and honestly they know what everyone wants for holidays and birthdays because they listen.


  1. The foodie

This is me. This is the person that always has snacks in their bags or pockets. Foodies are always hungry, and always have a place in mind of where to satisfy their hunger. You can rely on the Foodie to always go with you to eat. Name a time and a type of food you want, and they’ll be there to recommend and eat with you! Munch on, Foodies!


With all of this in mind, you need to remember that it’s okay if your friends don’t have all the same characteristics as you. You are a piece of the puzzle that makes your friend group! Be yourself, because everyone has their own role and personality!


SO, go out there, find some people, and make your #SuperSquad

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx

Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Infamous Recipe: The Greatest You There Is

2 Oct

To my stressed out, sleep-deprived, caffeine dependent friends in the way back trying to stay sane, THIS is for you.

We all get lectured how many times to ‘stay on top of our school work’ or ‘becoming a better student.’ We spend more time trying to be the best students, overwhelming ourselves with our workloads, and we often neglect our bodies and our mental health.

Our advisors, professors, and practically everyone else wants us to be ‘the best students we can be,’ however, it’s time to focus on you, and being the greatest you you can be.


Chef Gordon Ramsey’s Infamous Recipe:

The Greatest You There Is

1 cup    Confidence

– Let’s be real: we doubt ourselves more than we should, and it literally drags you down mentally.

– So, be confident in your decisions. Be you and own it.


½ cup   Patience

-Ah, the hardest ingredient to obtain.

-Patience ‘is a virtue’ or something like that, am I right or am I right?

-We cannot stress ourselves out on things we cannot control; if you turned something in and you still haven’t gotten the grade back, patience is a thing.


2 Tbsp  Naps

-Whether you’re having a rough day, or you’re just mentally exhausted, remember to unplug, unwind, and take a quick nap.

-This helps your body, mind, and mood.


this can be you after a nap!

2 cups  Proper eating

-Trust me, I know, a Highland burrito is calling your name, and by all means, go for it. BUT, don’t eat three in a day.

-Try eating foods that are a wee bit healthier? Try to remember that your body is only going to feel as good as what you feed it.


1 tsp     Physical activity

-EXERCISE? What is that? Pfft. I know. BUT PLEASE, just go out for a walk.

-Get some fresh air

-Get that heart rate pumping and some blood through your body.


when someone says I should exercise with them

2 Tbsp  Meditation

-Introspection is important.

-This is just a moment for you to think to yourself, to really think about you.


1 pinch Laughter




1 pint   Self-love

-This is one of the most important things I’ve tried to learn.

-Loving yourself is important; love who you are and the things you do.

-Be happy and love yourself!


happiness is like a pie to the face. Am I right or am I right?

So there you go, my friends!

Love your mind and body!

Stay rad!

Lils xx

#StudiousSeptember: How to Stay One Jump Ahead

27 Sep

Happy September, my fellow stressed out Wildcats!

It’s grind time, or moreover, time to get things moving if they aren’t already!

And for y’all who haven’t started getting to it, don’t worry, I haven’t either! And much like Aladdin had Genie, I’m here to help you stay one jump ahead!


we’re all in this together, am I right or am I right?


Let’s not lie to each other. I rarely plan things. I honestly am in the habit of going on a whim or just winging it. So, when I say we have to stay one jump ahead, WE NEED TO STAY ONE JUMP AHEAD.

So grab your handy dandy planner, and write things for the week! Assignments? Quizzes? Discussion posts? Write it all now so you won’t have to later! TRUST ME. THIS WORKS.

Don’t you want that satisfying feeling of checking stuff off your list, or do you want that pitting feeling at 11pm about the assignment you forgot about?



What??? Early?

Yeah, yeah, I know. But, I promise you, if you do your week’s notes on Sunday and just relax and reread them before lecture, you won’t be in such a flustered mood during lecture to get things down!


Class will then be a debriefing period for you to ask questions and recall what you actually learned from notes!


Schedule some YOU time. Make sure that you actually give yourself some time to nap, snack, or just go on a jog. BUT MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT spending TOO much time on you and not enough on schoolwork. It’s a balancing game, but this is how you physically and mentally stay ahead. DON’T overwhelm yourself!


put your thinking cap on, and start going.


My favorite tip to stay one step ahead is to actually sleep. Put the phone down, you can stop playing PUBG an hour earlier than you need to be, and sleep. Try to let your body stay ahead. A week’s worth of only 5 hours of sleep a night adds up, and by Thursday you’re going to be needing more than a Pumpkin Spice Latte.



So there are my favorite tips and tricks to staying ahead! Make sure you leave room for fun, and for your mental health!


Stay beautiful,

Lils xx

5 Actual Reasons NOT to Ditch Class

28 Aug

Alright, to my easily bored, less enthused friends in the back, this one is for you.


Ditching class: we all think about it. I get it -I do it. Class is boring, you have an 8AM, or your professor puts everything up online.

BUT before you decide on taking a three-month hiatus from class, let me tell you the BENEFITS of actually going to the class of monotone professors.



I kid you not, I can’t even count the amount of times I have been to recall small things -THAT TURNED UP ON TESTS – I pick up from class when I thought I wasn’t even listening. You can be sitting in class zoning out, drawing, or just sitting there, and I promise you, you can probably recall 35% percent of what the entire lecture was. I’m not saying you shouldn’t pay attention, but just go. You’ll remember something.


This is literally me, but whatever


Wow. Believe it or not, you can make a lot of friends in class. SO, if it’s not the educational experience that is drawing you to get out of bed and to class, think of all your friends, or possible friends. If you make friends, they can help you study in the future and you can borrow and share notes – when studying or catching up. But how are you expecting to make friends if you don’t come to class?



Alright, for all ‘oh I’ll just ditch because my professor puts up the slides on D2L’ friends, DON’T FALL FOR IT. There are multiple reasons you can’t have that mindset;

  1. Your professor put it up there to help you understand, not for you to ditch
  2. No matter how much you tell yourself, you are NOT going to look back at the slides and write your notes in bed – this is just a fact of life –
  3. Typing onto your slides is LESS effective than writing on them or writing your notes in total

So let’s not lie to ourselves and ditch classes by your ‘I’ll do it later’ excuse. Just go to class now, and take your nap later!


and you too, can be like Cap, and stay one step ahead of the nap-takers


While we’re on the subject of not lying to each other, PROFESSORS KNOW YOU DON’T WANT TO SHOW UP. So, they do what smart professors do, offer IN-CLASS, EXCLUSIVE, ‘I’m not going to tell you about this until class’ EXTRA CREDIT. So, GO TO CLASS. GET YOUR EXTRA CREDIT. REAP THE REWARDS.


doesn’t everyone like free points?


Alright, if I haven’t fully convinced you yet, let Lili lay some numbers on you.

Out of state:

You’re paying -without scholarship- roughly $36,000 a year. Assuming you’re taking 15 credits and each class is worth 3 credits and you’re here for 2 semesters, this means that:

  • Each class you take is worth $3,600
  • Every week of class is $240
  • For classes that are three times a week, it’s $80 per class
  • For classes that are two times a week, it’s $120 per class

In state:

You’re paying -without scholarship- roughly $13,000. Assuming you’re taking 15 credits and each class is worth 3 credits and you’re here for 2 semesters, this means that:

  • Each class you take is worth $1,300
  • Every week of class is $87
  • For classes that are three times a week, it’s $29 per class
  • For classes that are two times a week, it’s $44 per class

SO, before you ditch, ask yourself if it’s worth missing that much money. You’re paying to be here, so be here.


Deadpool is right; we all can’t be Tony Stark

I am in no way saying I haven’t ditched class. However, I have not made a habit out of it. As an out-of-state student, I can say I definitely do not think paying that much money to ditch one class is worth it.


Now that you’ve heard 5 SOLID points, I’ll just leave it to you and your conscience.

So, remember why you’re here, and study on!

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx

Even Moana Felt Out of Place

17 Aug



For those of y’all who don’t know me, I’m Lili, and a handful of my friends say I look like -and am very much like – Moana. Lo and behold, I relate to Moana on more scales than one.

  1. I have the hair

2. I have the awkward demeanor

3. I had troubles finding myself.

Let’s face it: everyone feels out of place some time or another.

Maybe it was in elementary school, or when you joined the swim team. Or maybe, for those like me, it was the beginning of college.

sad moana

Three summers ago, I was sitting by myself in an auditorium surrounded by 500 people, knowing no one. This was freshman orientation. I was surrounded by girls who knew each other, and parents who sat with their soon to be college bound kids. But I, was alone.


don’t worry too much

Saying I felt out of place was just the beginning of it. I didn’t dress like the people around me, and I definitely didn’t have the three Cartier Love Cuffs that the girl next to me had. I have always had an RBF (you know what that is), so I don’t have an approachable face… so that didn’t help.


example A of my RBF

Finding A Friend:

Fast forward to the first few days of school; again, my RBF didn’t help me make friends. However, by chance, the seat next to me was open, and a girl who was running late to lecture plopped down next to me. -Foreshadow that she is now one of my best friends here-

From then on, I would try to find a seat next to anyone -because hey, don’t judge a book by its cover-


literally my friend is Maui

Finding a GROUP of friends:

Now, the real story of finding my family away from family started at the Meet Me at the Rec fair. This is an event where all sports -team, intramural, and others- pitch tents and try to recruit you to their team.

Here, I found the UA Quidditch Team. Quidditch? pfft nerd. I kid you not, this was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Not only did I meet some of the most open people in my life, but I was able to find people who were my age that were looking for friends as well. This sport (yes, it’s a sport.) showed me that I could make friends out of my major that actually had similar interests as me. Not all of the team liked Harry Potter; most of them played just so they could tackle people (yes, it’s full body contact).

So when I say to not be afraid to be out of place, I genuinely mean, DO NOT FEAR. It is a part of life, and often enough, there are dozens of people that feel the same way.

Immerse yourself in things you love. I promise you’ll find someone who relates to you.

baby moana

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx



30 Apr

Everyone lately has been saying, “Hit the gym so that summer body is ready!” am I right, or am I right?


But before I cram 4 days at the gym and expect rock solid abs, I realized something: I need to be healthy.


See, I’ve been blessed with high metabolism for a good portion of my life, but being healthy hasn’t necessarily been my thing.

So, I decided upon myself, that LILI VU NEEDS TO BE HEALTHY.


The thing is, you’re on Pinterest or tumblr or Instagram and you see all these “How to Be Healthy” articles, but they’re SUPER UNREALISTIC – like cutting out all carbs from your diet – SO, I decided that being REALISTICALLY healthy would be my spring prep for summer.




Anyone who knows me knows I can easily eat a large pizza with room for dessert. However, being healthy is all about portions. So, I mean, I guess two slices now, and two slices in a couple of hours is healthier than eating a whole pie in one sitting.



Veggies are important, and near any campus, are pretty expensive too. SO, what I have learned to do is to buy raw veggies, rather than those small little pre-packed things, and ration them throughout the week. Buying a whole head of lettuce is cheaper than a pre-packed salad. SO get creative!


Work out! I actually enjoy going to the gym, however, for those of y’all who don’t – and that’s me some days – try going to a class! If you’re having fun, you’re less likely to realize you’re actually working out! Zumba is my go-to fun class, because let’s be real, we ALL want to be Shakira.


  1. SNACK

Snacks are SOOOOO important!! Eat snacks throughout the day! Healthier options such as celery sticks, or granola, or almonds are great! Not ready to go full out health nut? Dried fruit, fresh fruit, or power bars are great! SNACKS ARE LIFE!



IT IS GOOD TO INDULGE! AS LONG AS YOU EAT EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. You don’t have to cut out sugar completely, and you sure don’t have to give up PIZZA for the rest of your life to be healthy! Just make sure you’re eating in moderation!


So, these are my top 5 REALISTIC tips on being a healthy college student!!! Good luck!

Stay rad,




#AdventurousApril: Let’s Get Pierced

11 Apr

Hello, beautiful souls!

This #AdventurousApril, Yolanda and I (Lili)  decided to do something we’ve always wanted to, but never had the courage to: GETTING OUR HELIXES PIERCED!

We know, we know,  it’s not that wild, but for us, this was a nice adventurous challenge that we vlogged!

All in all, it was a GREAT experience, and we both really enjoy our piercings!

This April we hope you get outside of your comfort zone too!

Stay adventurous!

Lili & Yolanda xx

Happy Future for the Folks Scared of the Future

7 Apr

Who wants to be happy?


Who is looking forward to the future?


Well to be completely honest, I don’t know exactly know what it is to have a happy future, but I do know that the future terrifies me.


this is literally me running away from anything that has to do with the future

So, all my scared folks in the back, this is for you; some tips and tricks on how to have more positive-vibed weeks and days ahead.

1. Breathe

The first thing we need to remember is that we cannot control everything. Grades don’t always go according to plan, friends aren’t always forever by your side, and sometimes it rains on the days we need it not to. But don’t fret!


We all need to learn that if it’s out of our hands, why have all the unnecessary stress of things we can’t control?

2. Where do you want to go?


Scariest question someone can ask you. Yes, I agree. However, just ask yourself, where do you want to go? This doesn’t have to be for like 10 years from now. Start small. Where do you want to be tomorrow? Next week? By the end of this semester? -this isn’t always academically either! This can be emotionally, or for your exercise routine, your cooking experience, the amount of water you drink daily, it doesn’t matter. Once you can answer where you want to be, you can start planning how to get there.

3. Fail a little

Now that you know where you want to be, it’s time to start experimenting. I said EXPERIMENTING not perfecting. Let’s be real. Nothing is perfect. And no plan goes perfectly the first time. So, if you fail your new eating plan, or you order take out 4 days in a row instead of cooking, it’s OKAY.


Even Thor fails a little.

4. Now succeed


Now that you know what didn’t really work for you, start doing some research. See what methods have worked for other people, what they have used to motivate them. Find your motivation, find what makes going on your adventure worth it.

5. Smile!

I hate being told to do this, but what I mean is that if you aren’t finding yourself smiling about the thoughts of where you want to be, or at least something along the journey, you should reconsider your goals. I’m not saying you should be smiling 24/7 -because again, no one ever does- I’m just saying, your future goals and your future you should make you smile a little!


That’s all I’ve compiled so far, and I know, it’s not much, but I can promise you, as a scared, sometimes pessimistic college kid, I’ve used these to plan my future adventures. I’ve realized that some of my plans have gone completely haywire, and some of them have bloomed into semi-decent flowers.


so, cheers to us for making it so far!

Adventure -and the future- is out there, folks. Just make sure you pack some positivity, patience, and snacks!


Stay rad,

Lils xx

#MiddlingMarch: DON’T BE BLUE, EAT FOOD!

4 Apr

It’s the middle of March, friends! You know what that means? Midterms, projects, homesickness, and boredom.


I don’t know if y’all do this, but I eat A LOT.

I eat if I’m bored, stressed, homesick, or just looking for something to do, I EAT.


The bad thing is, I AM SO LAZY.


So, for our MIDDLING MARCH, I have easy recipes that will CUT YOUR MARCH BLUES with sweet treats!



If you’re too lazy to bake a cake, and probably don’t have 4 eggs, MUG CAKES WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE!!! My favorites are: blueberry muffin mug cake, brownie mug cake, and quiche in a mug!


don’t even lie and say you wouldn’t want to try one of these cute mug cakes!


It’s not exactly the BEST recipe, but if you just mix an egg and a little bit of soy sauce, scramble them, put them on toast, AND TOP IT OFF WITH SRIRACHA SAUCE, I promise you’ll be a happy little egg!


protein, carbs, and spice! Why wouldn’t you want it?


So if you’re trying to be healthy -key word, trying– get some yogurt, and drop them on some parchment paper. Pop that in the freezer for a couple of hours, and transfer them into a Tupperware. You’ll have a nice frozen HEALTHY treat!


I promise they taste better than broccoli!


If any of my recipes haven’t gotten you curious or somewhat intrigued, do the second best cooking option and HOP ON PINTEREST! Seriously! I get on Pinterest and find the easiest, cutest, and sometimes healthiest meals on there!


These are my typical ways of getting over boredom, stress, and my mid-semester blues!!

Hope the rest of your March is as wonderful as you!


yes, you!

Stay beautiful,

Lils xx